The Best Racing Games Currently Available on PS4

Project CARS

Project Cars 10

The Project CARS racing simulator allows gamers to take racing to the next level. The game is a racing simulator, but it offers a sandbox style gaming experience. No matter what kind of racing you like, Project CARS probably features it. Slightly Mad Studios, the developers behind the game, wanted Project CARS to be available with features that would titillate all racing gamers.  Project CARS features a new and improved version of the Madness engine, which has been used on some of the Need for Speed titles, particularly Need for Speed: Shift.

Project CARS includes 74 cars that can be driven on 110 race courses in 30 different racing locations. This is one of the best racing simulators available for any gaming platform. While the graphics may be its only weakness, they are good but not stellar, racing fans should have few complaints about this title. Play in career mode, and work your way up the racing ladder, participate in time trials, weekly events, and gain experience through practice mode. Project CARS is designed so gamers can play with both a steering wheel and a controller. The game is often considered the best racing simulator to be released on a console, and with good reason.


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