The Best Racing Games Currently Available on PS4

Need for Speed: Rivals


This game is a little bit older than the two previous titles, which were both released in 2015, but the outstanding graphics and gameplay make Need for Speed: Rivals still relevant two years after its release.  The game features open world game play, and players can take on the role of either a cop or a racer. Gamers can utilize 11 upgradable gadgets, and as cops they can call-in roadblocks or use spike strips.  Both cops and racers can play in career mode and advance through the game. Progression unlocks a plethora of cars, and the ability to take shortcuts not available on the game map.  There is also the ability to use the Autolog system to compete against friends, and the AllDrive social system, which helps players cross between single player to multiplayer gameplay.

As a racer, players take on the role of Zephyr, a well-known and talented street racer. As the cop, players complete training to become members of the Redview County Police Department. As an officer, the player is then able to infiltrate the world of street racing, to go beyond the law, and take down the illegal street racing operation. The ultimate goal is to take on Zephyr.  This is what a racing game is supposed to look like, and on the PS4, Need for Speed: Rivals offers unparalleled graphics with heart-racing gameplay. It’s hard for a sequel game to be better than its predecessor, but fans of the Need for Speed franchise have found Rivals to be one of the best racing games in the genre.

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