The ESports Boom and Why Casinos Are Getting Involved

Over the past two decades, online multiplayer gaming has become highly popular throughout the world. Esports is the varsity form of online multiplayer gaming that has soared in popularity, creating a multi-billion dollar segment within the gaming industry. Colleges, universities, and high schools across the world are rushing to introduce esports programs into their athletic lineup, and the current esports boom is expected to last at least a decade.

Read on as we take a closer look at what esports are and how the esports boom is related to the world of online gambling.

The Esports Boom

Esports started as an offshoot of gaming clubs at educational institutions with popular titles like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. As PC and console games progressively moved towards the multiplayer model, more and more opportunities opened up for competitive gaming. While gaming clubs at educational institutions existed long before the gaming revolution took the world by storm, competitive gaming in the form of esports breathed new life into them.

Today, esports is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, raking in billions of dollars each year. Most educational institutions have enlisted esports as an official varsity sport, with dedicated coaching and training staff, state-of-the-art on-campus esports facilities, esports scholarships, and more. Esports athletes are considered to be on par with other sports, like soccer, baseball, hockey, etc.

What started as a small initiative with club gaming titles like League of Legends has now blossomed into a highly versatile sport, with dozens of competitive varsity gaming titles that include renowned names like Rocket League, Overwatch, Valorant, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Melee, Call of Duty: Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, NBA2K, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and more. Various gaming leagues hold regular tournaments offering thousands of dollars in winning prizes.

Online Casinos & Esports

Although on the surface, esports might have nothing to do with online casinos, this assumption would be wrong. Online casinos are benefiting greatly from the ongoing esports boom via betting options on competitive gaming. Renowned casinos and casino game developers are increasingly forming partnerships with esports industry giants to open new gaming arenas internationally.

Additionally, the esports boom and the concurrent popularity of online casino gambling allow online casinos to target the younger demographic. Tapping a new segment of the population is only going to benefit the online gambling industry and allow it to progress further, incorporating newer technologies and developing newer avenues for success.

With the current global pandemic, both esports and online gambling have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. An ever-increasing segment of the global population is discovering the benefits of playing at online casinos like Non-Gamstop Casinos. You can read more here about playing without limitations at Non-UK casinos.

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