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Tom Clancy’s The Division has now broken the record for biggest first-quarter video game release, at least in the United Kingdom. The new game beats out Gran Turismo, which captured the record back in 2005. Ubisoft is pleased because “The Division” delivered their highest ever sales for the first day of a game release. Let’s take a look at what makes this PS4 title special.

The Setting

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The sprawling urban jungle of Manhattan has been devastated by a strange “Green Poison” or “Dollar Flu,” a disease that forced the area under a rigid quarantine. As a result, civilization is crumbling, and fighting, looting, and gang violence are rampant. As the player, you are one of many sleeper agents, now activated with the sole purpose of keeping order and resolving crisis situations.

The Atmosphere

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“The Division” is unique, intense, and immersive in a way that has captured the imaginations of PS4 gamers. When you emerge from your safe house, you’ll immediately feel a mix of vulnerability and adrenaline, as if you were really in danger from the distant gunshots echoing off the ruined skyscrapers. As you explore the fantastically designed open world of the game, you’ll come across trimmings and trappings of a Christmas that never happened, thanks to the ravaging virus. The contrast of the scintillating lights and garlands with the gritty tragedy unfolding below gives the game an interesting emotional dimension.

The Replay Value

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If you’re concerned about replay value, don’t be. “The Division” has enough magnificent open-world exploration, strategic combat scenarios, side quests, and campaign missions to keep you busy and happy for hundreds of hours. You have to build your own base of operations, complete with a tech wing, a medical wing, and a security wing. At the same time, your character is adding abilities and developing character traits along with the storyline.

The Weapons

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The weapons aren’t just accessories in “The Division;” they are an extension of your character. You find weapons, choose one that appeals to you, add mods, and get to know its benefits and drawbacks. You practice using it and become comfortable with its range and accuracy. With your personalized weapon, you’ll take down enemies and then grab their health packs, ammo, or gear for your own use.

Multiplayer Mode

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160318010236You can play through the storyline yourself, or you can enter the Dark Zone, an area where you’ll engage in player vs. player combat. This zone follows a different story progression than the solo campaign, and you’ll find various high-level weapons and other items that you can carry out with you on the helicopter to use outside the Dark Zone.


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Sure, there are a few bugs to be worked out, but overall the reception for “The Division” has been overwhelmingly positive. According to the players who are already deeply entrenched in the game, the best part about “The Division” is joining up with your friends for some multiplayer fun. There is more than enough to do on your own, but creating a group of people you know and taking on a big challenge is a real thrill. You have to strategize and work together to accomplish your goals, and that is the kind of PS4 gaming that makes memories.

Whilst gameplay can slowly become repetitive, you really do get a quality title here, and all credit goes to Ubisoft. Of course, it could have become so much more, but Ubisoft sure won’t grumble about the record breaking sales. The Division is certainly worth checking out if you enjoy open-world shooters. You’ll totally love the scenery, even if it does gradually become all too familiar. How do you feel about this title? Did Ubisoft do a good job in your eyes? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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