Top 10 Useful Tricks In Fortnite PS4

If you didn’t know this, well then, Fortnite has fast become one of the biggest and most popular multi-platform game all across the globe. Furthermore, it’s absolutely free to play. If you’re a beginner and you’ve just happened to get started this article has some insight worth checking out.

Below are 10 useful tricks that’ll help you compete on the battlefield.

1. Power of Build

Building mechanics are this game’s main hook. Collect resources via destroying structures using your pickaxe. Those said resources you’ll have collected will help you come up with some really interesting stuff. For instance, building a staircase is a super way of instantly getting the advantage of higher ground on your enemy.

2. How To Drop Items

Normally, no matter the platform you’re using, you’ll have the ability to drop health, ammo or even any weapons you might have. If you’re playing via console, for PS4 you tap the touchpad (on Xbox One you tap the view button). Hover what you intend on dropping then push the right analog stick.

3. Loot Effectively

Looting in this game is broken down into five colors, each with increasing rarity levels. Orange, purple, blue, green and white. Orange is the best. So, when on your glider, try to land on the orange-colored locations.

4. Use Explosives

A weapon type you should always ensure you have are plenty of explosives. They’re simply invaluable. Grenades and rocket launchers are extremely overpowered in the meta that’s currently being offered. You certainly won’t be as effective without a few explosives in your arsenal. Grab a rocket launcher and you’ll know what we mean.

5. Cities Aren’t Always Your Best Bet

When scouting for places to land, don’t get caught up with cities. They aren’t always the best looting locations. In this game, good stuff is scattered all over the whole map in general. A new dynamic is created by this difference it has as compared to other games of its kind when it comes to picking landing zones.

6. Rare Doesn’t Always Mean Effective

Legendary weaponry usually has better stats as compared to the lower tier ones, however, they don’t always make the best choice. Don’t let stats guide you 100 percent of the time. If say a shotgun is what you’re most effective with, get an Epic or Rare shotgun in your inventory rather than a Legendary sniper.

7. Look Out For Enemy Resource Trails

As people destroy and build structures, they leave behind, trailing resources as well. Search them out, collect and add the leftovers to your inventory. As highlighted in, scavenging for enemy resources can help ensure you always have a full inventory with you.

8. The Storm Can Be An Advantage

As your battle goes on, some parts of the map will start to shrink. Don’t panic when you begin to lose health during those storms. Sometimes the storm can be a good thing. If you have enough health items you may be surprised how long you can last.

9. Avoid Fall Damage By Hugging Walls

This kind of explains itself, doesn’t it? Hug a cliff wall if you don’t want to lose a lot of health from a huge jump. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and the game registers that as you are landing earlier than you really did which is a pretty cool trick.

10. Know Where To Find The Gold Chests

You can get a list of all the Gold Chests locations from certain popular websites. They can really come in handy when you know exactly where to get all of them. In fact, you’ll practically be unstoppable. Fortnite Chests is one such site.

We hope these 10 tricks end up proving to be as useful to you as we believe they are. However, a lot more can be found all over the internet, when Battle Royale is concerned. For now, go start gaming Fortnite.

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