Want to Chase that Nazi Gold? Get a Brief About Raid II

While you hear Raid: World War II, it would sound like a good idea to you, four players coming together to attack the German Forces. In the process, they would snag any of the Nazi Gold they would come across.

When you and your three acquaintances step in the shoes of these Allied Forces, you will get a British marksman, a Russian mask man, a former SS soldier and American at the same time along with a Nazi defector, you all will step for the Nazi Gold Quest.

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As the game opens, everyone would be full of energy and attitude. Overall, there is no continuous story throughout the game. However, you will need to pass through a series of missions. Occasionally, the game shows some ideas about the genocide and glimpses scattered around would give you a reason to investigate the area.

I would be totally fine with the game but then there were some loads of blood that gave me a sick feeling. And the level of the game was too mediocre. Sometimes, it would look like a bustling market, yet sometimes it would look like a war-cry.

Additionally, the map design did help sometimes but at the crucial times, it also denied to do so. The gaming developers and the designers didn’t experiment with the restrictive areas and some key points and junctions.

So while you fail to clear a specific level, the mission would replay and you would ultimately lose your interest in the game. So basically you would feel that you are playing the same mission over and over repeatedly.

One interesting thing that would fascinate you to fight the World War II is the mini stories and sometimes the albeit ones that are a part of the interesting moments of the game.

Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you will feel that you are dumped somewhere in the middle of the pile of Gold that is gradually growing. Furthermore, there are many personalization options that you can apply to your characters.

If you want to unlock more of these special features, then grab some of the loot boxes from those dog tags attached. There are many expensive upgrades which actually does nothing. Just display your existing gold wealth to other players.

While you are in your hideout, you have the liberty to upgrade your guns. However, this would not cost you gold, so no worries. All you have to do is to kill a lump-sum amount of enemies so that you are able to aggravate the existing damage.

When you are inside the game, you can train your character as well, which will help them to move quickly while you acquire the loot or improve the special skill.

The Verdict

If you ask me, I would never say that Raid: World War II is a bad game. It has some moments to save and cherish the memories. But nevertheless, there are moments like holding back in a growing heap of gold to wait for the enemies to attack. But are we realizing that we ourselves are falling into the trap?

Overall, the setting and theme of the game are really interesting. But the bullet-proof enemies and poor customization didn’t excite me much. Sometimes, it becomes absurd and sometimes it seems flawed. But the mediocre level sometimes makes it a missed opportunity.

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