Watch Dogs Guide: Hacking Tips

Ubisoft’s newest release, Watch Dogs, is already stirring up some buzz. It is an open world third-person action game that centers around grey hat hacker Aiden Pearce, who is on a mission to get revenge for the accidental death of his niece. Set in an alternative version of modern Chicago, Watch Dogs has already become notorious for using hacking as a game play device.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs can be played as both a single player as well as multiplayer game, though none of the multiplayer modes are accessible right from the get go. Before you can start to play against others, you are going to have to finish a specific mission early in the game. When this mission is complete, you will be able to hack into other players’ games while in online mode, and they will be able to hack into yours. When you detect a hacker in your game, you have to get to them and kill them before they have the chance to fully upload a backdoor virus into your phone. Rule number one while trying to find someone who is hacking you: Always have the Profiler up. The hacker could be anyone and anywhere, and if the Profiler is pulled up, all you have to do is look them in the face. Stay on your guard, and utilize the surveillance cameras as often as possible.

If you are the one doing the hacking, you have to hack into the other player’s phone, upload the virus, and manage to stay hidden from the person you’re hacking. You can access surveillance cameras in order to keep an eye on the person you’re hacking, and hiding spot options are endless. Ideally, you should find a place that is both inconspicuous and easy to escape from. Rooftops or anything up above your target are good options, but they are not always the easiest to escape. Oh, and you have to be within range. If you’re too far away, you can’t complete the hack. Again, use the security cameras in the area to keep an eye on the person you are hacking, because if they get too close and are able to find you before the virus is fully uploaded, you are definitely going to get shot. Try jumping from surveillance camera to surveillance camera for optimal visual range. It could definitely save your life.

Though Watch Dogs isn’t the first game to ever use this device, it’s undeniably the newest and one of the coolest. Hacking is absolutely a useful skill to have in this universe. Build it up early on and you will get much further much quicker. The better you are at hacking, the more easily you will be able to escape from cops, gangs, and various other people who want to take you out. Money is gained in the game by hacking pedestrians you see on the street, and is most often used for weapons and getaway cars. These are all things you are going to want to have, so having a decent amount in your checking account is a good idea. Happy hacking!

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