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Gaming is just as old as the humans. With time games and gamers have evolved a great deal. Today games of all genres are available online. The most eminent reason for constant change is the UI (User Interface) factor. From Prince of Persia to today’s one of the most Engaging game OUTRIDERS it’s all about the Virtual Reality-Role Playing Game (VR-RPG).

The Habitat And Graphics

The game is plotted upon the human habitation on another mysterious planet, where challenges and aliens have to be dealt with utmost vigour. With the RPG in place a gamer gets the real feel of the character. The graphics are intended to successfully allure the gamer to explore more and more levels.


Level Ups

Needless to mention that as one starts playing the intensity of the game Increases and so does the difficulty level. The levels for the characters are fixed to 30, but the item levels can reach up to 50, of course with expeditions. The harder World tiers are mostly backed with maximum level gears for the characters. With every World Tier the enemies and level of challenge goes up. With this increase in difficulty level you’ll also get the opportunity to earn good rewards to better equip your intense game character. For upgrading your character you’ll have 20 points to spend. You may use any one of the three upgrade routes to optimize your character. From the given skills you may not be able to buy all of them, but, you can anytime reset your skills for a better experience and increase your chances of survival.


Useful Tips

To climb up to your expeditions can use the Twisted Rounds, Ventators Knife, Hunt The Prey. While Twisted rounds fill your magazine bullets with anomaly that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your bullets. This skill can last until you reload or switch to another mode. The Ventators Knife would help to kill about five enemies in your close radius, and for about ten seconds the damage is doubled. So it certainly gives you an edge over your enemies. For Hunt The Prey you got to install the game now!


Enemy List

The enemies that you would be battling with in the game of Outriders starts with

  •       Gauss : Your first boss fight would be with him. Gauss is in the Rifts town solar platform area. Defeating him would grant you access to the loot chest in Boss arena.
  •       Molten Acaria :  Just as the name hints. It certainly has something fiery. The next Boss fight that you will have will be with this blazing volcanic spider at the summit of the volcano. This boss fight takes place in Eagles Peak fields.
  •       Moloch : Moving forward to the next Boss level is the fight with Moloch. Once you’ve reached the trench town and finished the No Man’s Land series, you better buckle up for a face-off with the Moloch. Use your weapons carefully, you have more Boss fights ahead.
  •       Chrysaloid : I wonder how they come up with such fancy names! Anyways moving forward, your next Boss fight is going to be with none other than Chrysaloid who can be found in the Forest Enclave area. This one is a huge creature lying underground in a cave. Be careful of your steps. Oh yes, this is a part of the Mayhem quest.
  •       Bailey : In this Bailey alienates by being altered. You can’t find her without putting on the antenna, and once traced you will have to battle her down.
  •       Yagak 1 : In an alienated world the last thing that you would want is to find yourself alone after all your fellow mates are captured. Well that’s exactly what’s gonna happen to you in Utargak. You’ll have no choice but to have a showdown with Yagak1. Don’t you dare think it’s going to be easy defeating him and nor will it be the last time that you would see him.
  •       Yagak 2 : Didn’t I give you a broad hint that you would be facing Yagak once more. Yes this is the final fight that would take place with Yagak. Cravel is the plot and place in the game where this fight would take place in a ship.

Adrenaline Rush And Booster Services

Outriders is a purely futuristic game with unmatched Amours and Weapons and Boost ups  which gives the ultimate adrenaline rush with the best of fighting experience. The game gives an equal opportunity to the beginners to reach higher levels by availing the booster services where either they can play or let a Pro- Player play for them, to reach higher levels. While trying the Outriders Boosting Services do not fall for cheap offers. The authenticity matters a lot, there are various Outriders Boosting Services to consider using if you are looking for a boost.


Platform Availability

Outriders can be played on Laptops, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Stadia XBox Series,XS, XBox1, Mac,  and Desktops. To try out the game in Android and IOS, users can try the website of Playsova to download the game by following a few steps (it’s an option and not a recommendation). It’s totally an individual’s choice.

If you haven’t tried the game then after having read this you need to experience the intensity and Dexterity of the game. If you think it can’t be better than Destiny 2 or Warframe, then you got to try it to believe it. In fact you would dab down.

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