What Went Down in FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake 2022 Event

The eerie and spooky times may be over for 2022, but it doesn’t hurt to look back at what happened in FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake.

Halloween is officially over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at the spooky events in the gaming realm. For online games, celebrations for worldwide happenings such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and the like are an excellent way for you to score some seasonal goodies. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV, we had the All Saints’ Wake, which started on October 19 and concluded on November 1. We all know that cosmetics play a massive role in the FFXIV community. You could easily spend hundreds of thousands of FF14 gil on these in-game items alone! With that in mind, the rewards from seasonal events—like All Saints’ Wake—are reason enough to participate in the festivities. Now, let’s look at what went down during the Halloween celebration.

A Mad Masquerade

From October 19 to November 1, players could find an Elezen at the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater in Old Gridania (X:10.3 Y:9.1), who’s titled “Adventurer’s Guild Investigator.” If you spoke with this investigator, you’d start the “A Mad Masquerade” quest—the first quest in the “March of the Mischievous Costume Cortege” quest line. Note that you can only accept this quest if your FFXIV account has a Level 15 or above character in a Disciple of Magic or War. You’ll also need to be able to travel to the three city-states.

Once the quest has been triggered, you must interact with the Mysterious Concoction (X:10.4 Y:9.1) and speak to the nearby Adoring Child (X:9.1 Y:7.8). Then, return to the location of the Mysterious Concoction to interact with it again and interact with the Stout-hearted Husband (X:11.5 Y:9.1). Once that’s done, you’d need to the Destination Market at X:12.4 Y:8.9; interact with it. Afterward, you’d have to find the Wake Doctor (X:12.5 Y:8.8) and speak with him to enter a cutscene. Players would have to speak with him again when the cutscene is over.

After talking with the Wake Doctor, you’d have to go to the Papa Gruff-esque Investigator (X:10.8 Y:9.0) and speak with him. Players who chose their answers correctly would convince him to eat the cookie. Finally, to complete the “A Mad Masquerade” quest, you’d have to return to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator.

The rewards included the Wake Doctor’s White Coat, Wake Doctor’s Bottoms, Wake Doctor’s Rubber Gloves, Wake Doctor’s Mask, and Wake Doctor’s Shoes for those who could complete this quest. Oh, and as a bonus, you’d also get the ‘Many Faces’ achievement.

Be Our Guest

The fun doesn’t stop there because after “A Mad Masquerade,” you could also do the “Be Our Guest” quest. Players who want to start it must speak with the Wake Doctor (X:10.2 Y:9.2).  They’ll then have to talk with the Unusual Usher at X:10.1 Y:9.2 to let them be transported to an area called Sneaky Hollow. This is a spooky new area where you could talk with the Pumpkin-headed Apparation (X:6.2 Y:6.5) and complete the quest.

While the “Be Our Guest” quest doesn’t offer much cosmetics, you’ll at least have access to a beautifully decorated area. The massive piece of land is a great place to hang out with your other buddies in FFXIV and maybe even get some pose shots in. What’s even more remarkable is that if you speak to the Imp NPCs scattered all over the place, they’d be more than happy to transform you into some of your favorite characters in the game. It’s a temporary change, but it’s a great way to get some great pictures.

That’s not all, either. Players could also unlock another area to play around with if they spoke with the Genial Guiser (X:7.2 Y:7.0). If they did that, they could enter the Haunted Manor. For as long as the event is around, exploring the inside of the Manor is possible.

More Rewards Incoming

Besides the ones we’ve talked about, there are many other rewards you can obtain from the event. To start, if you spoke with the Bespectacled Peddler (X:10.2 Y:9.0) in Old Gridania, you’d gain access to the All Saints’ Wake vendor store. And unlike other seasonal events where you must complete the quests to access the store items, Gil is all you’d need to get them. Here are the items you could purchase from the vendor store during the All Saints’ Wake event:

  • Magicked Prism – A pumpkin consumable. Costs 1 Gil.
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Pumpkin Pleasures – Contains the Eat Pumpkin Emote. It will display your character eating a pumpkin coffee, which is adorable. It costs 2,500 Gil.
  • Caged Wisp – A furniture piece that’s fully dyeable. It costs 2,000 Gil.

Make Sure to Have A Spooktacular Time Next Year

All Saints’ Wake is an annual celebration for everyone. You’re eligible to join the festivities if you have an FFXIV account with a Level 15 character. If you couldn’t participate in the event, there’s always next year. Thankfully, All Saints’ Wake is a recurring affair, so you can always expect it to pop in the MMO somewhere in mid-October.

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