When Will Sony Discontinue The PS4?

We’re well into the ninth generation of consoles now. The PS5 was released way back in 2020, and since then, many games have been released that can only be played on the next-generation (or perhaps we should say current-generation) machines. Even still, many gamers are clinging onto their PS4 Pros or even their base PS4 models, hoping that Sony will continue to release games for their systems. 


At the moment, that hope appears to be paying off, because several high-profile releases for PS5 – including Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and Dead Island 2 – have also come to PS4 in addition to the current-gen console. However, the PS4 is on the clock. At some point, it’s going to be discontinued; it’s a matter of when, not if. Here’s when we think Sony will discontinue the PS4 and what effect that could have on the gaming industry.


Two PS4 models have already been discontinued


It’s fair to say that the writing is already on the wall for the PS4 to some extent. In early 2021, just a couple of months after the launch of the PS5, Sony discontinued the PS4 Pro and the original PlayStation 4, leaving only a single Slim model in production. This was done in order to focus on production of the PS5, which was, at the time, in very short supply. 


Naturally, this came as a disappointment to those who wanted a gaming experience closer to the next generation than the original PS4; many people weren’t able to get ahold of a PS5 at that point, so the PS4 Pro was seen as the next best option. However, right now, only one PS4 model is still in production, and that’s the Slim PS4 model, which was originally introduced in 2016 ahead of the PS4 Pro’s launch.


At time of writing, the base PS4 Slim model is still in production, which means it’s still possible to walk into a store and buy a brand new console rather than relying on the pre-owned market, which you’d have to do if you wanted a PS4 Pro or an original PS4 (although the Slim has superseded the base model in every regard).


Sony said it would support the PS4 for “three or four years” after the PS5’s launch


In an interview with the Washington Post around the time of the PS5’s launch, Sony boss Jim Ryan said the company intended to support the PS4 for another few years after the release of the new machine. Ryan said that the PS4 gamer community would “continue to be incredibly important to us for three or four years” post-PS5 launch, although he also expressed his hope that many PS4 owners would transition to the PS5 “if we do our job well”.


That interview was given in September 2020, and at time of writing, it’s spring 2023. This means that we can expect Sony to support manufacture of the PS4 until at least September 2023, although it’s more likely the company will hedge its bets and continue to make consoles until 2024. If Ryan’s words hold true, then the PS4 will probably be discontinued around September 2024, so you’ve got until then to pick up a new one if you really want to.


PS5 supply issues might have given the PS4 a stay of execution


You might remember that when the PS5 originally launched, it was near-impossible to actually get a machine. This was down to several factors, not least of which was a semiconductor shortage making it incredibly difficult for Sony to manufacture enough consoles to meet demand. Unfortunately, this led to a widespread scalper market emerging, with scalpers charging more than double what the PS5 was actually worth in order to secure sales.


Now, the situation looks a lot rosier. PS5s are stacked up on shelves, and it’s pretty much possible to walk into a video game store (virtually or physically) and grab a PS5 for yourself. However, for the first two years or so of the console’s existence, getting a PS5 was difficult. That might actually play to the PS4’s advantage. After all, if the adoption rate with gamers wasn’t quite as high as Jim Ryan and Sony were hoping for, then it makes sense to wait just a little bit longer before discontinuing PS4 support in order to ensure that loyal Sony gamers are rewarded.


PS5 hardware sales are strong right now

On the other hand, Sony has reported very strong hardware sales for the PS5. In its latest earnings report, Sony revealed that the PS5 has sold almost 40 million units to date, which is a pretty impressive figure. Of course, the PS5 isn’t anywhere near the level of the PS4 in terms of sales yet, but it’s early days; the console is only in its third year, so we’ve got a little while to go before Sony starts to sweat.


With PS5 sales proving to be strong, Sony might take that as an indicator that the adoption rate for its PS5 is going up, thus providing more of a reason to cut costs and stop manufacturing the PS4 (and consequently to stop support at some point afterwards). If you don’t have a PS5 yet, then you might want to think about picking one up sometime soon.




Right now, Sony isn’t showing any signs of stopping PS4 production. However, with an ascendant PS5 providing a good reason for many gamers to switch to the current-gen console, the PS4’s days are likely numbered. We’d be surprised if Sony didn’t announce that PS4 support is being cut in or around September 2024. If it lasts longer than that, we’ll eat our PlayStation-branded hats.

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