Where’s the cheapest place to pick up a PS4 right now if you’re from the UK?

With Christmas looming it’s a guarantee that many parents and gamers will consider picking up a PS4 – this article takes a look at which UK retailers are currently offering the best price. Of course, prices are subject to change so we’ll regularly post news updates. We’ve scanned through loads of UK online retailers to include the best deals for under £330.


Zavvi have the standard PS4 package for £309.99. Postage is included.

GameSeek have the standard PS4 package for £309.00. You’ll need to add a little extra for postage, however (£6.99).

SimplyGames are currently offering refurbished PS4’s for £289.99 – it will also come with a 12 month warranty. Due to the great price they’re currently out of stock, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for when it comes back in stock and also signup for their stock alerts.

SimplyGames are also offering a brand new standard PS4 console package for just £309.99 – again it’s currently out of stock due to its great price.

GAME is also offering refurbished PS4’s for £289.99 – they’re also in stock.

Amazon has recently reduced the price of the console to £319.99.

ShopTo has a Wolfenstein PS4 Bundle for just £329.86 – Wolfenstein is a fantastic game to kick-start your PS4 gaming experience. This is probably the best package on this list.

Found a deal that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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