Why smartphone gaming’s appeal has surged

Playing a console machine, such as a PS4, understandably appeals to the vast majority of diehard gamers. The graphics are hard to beat, most of the best games are available to play, and the overall gameplay makes it hard to fault. There is strong competition emerging in the shape of smartphone gaming, though.

Most dedicated console and PC gamers largely struggle to understand the appeal of mobile gaming, but there is evidently a strong appetite for it in 2023. In fact, mobile gaming now makes up a large chunk of the overall gaming industry’s revenues, with millions of people now opening themselves up to gaming on their miniature handheld devices. In the past, this certainly hasn’t always been the case, with people – particularly in the gaming community – largely ignoring the products on a smartphone. Now, though, mobile gaming has reached new heights. But what’s changed and why has mobile gaming’s appeal grown in recent times? Let’s take a look at some key reasons below.

The image of a stereotypical gamer has changed over the years

While the convenience of mobile gaming has played a key role in its rise, it has always had that about it. What has notably changed over recent years, though, has been society’s attitude toward gaming. In the past, we were told that gaming was largely unhealthy and typically aimed at young teenagers with nothing better to do. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though, particularly these days. Now, gaming is for everyone, with mobile gaming certainly bridging the gap and enabling new audiences to explore the gaming sphere. Mobile games are easy to access, they take minutes to grasp, and they now provide a genuinely fun and entertaining opportunity for a wide variety of target audiences. For example, an elderly grandparent has been enjoying Pokemon Go’s augmented reality feature on a bike. Put simply, mobile gaming is for everyone in today’s tech-savvy climate.

Games providers like Pragmatic Play have upped the ante

In what is a fiercely competitive industry as a whole, gaming companies have had to improve their overall offering. Thanks to teams of talented professionals, which has coincided with the emergence of the more powerful smartphones of today, games providers like Pragmatic Play have been able to release new and improved products in the casino gaming sphere in particular, with popular titles including the likes of Vegas Nights, Wolf Gold and Aztec Gems. Away from casino games has been the emergence of console and PC titles that have also contributed greatly to mobile gaming’s growth, with companies like Tencent Games enabling mobile gamers to sample PUBG on their phones. Since PUBG’s release on mobile, it has become one of the most popular games ever, bringing in huge revenues for the company and enticing more gamers in on a daily basis. These titles, and more, supplement other products from other genres, such as puzzle games like Candy Crush, innovative augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, and even virtual reality releases that mobile gamers can now enjoy on their portable communication tools. Essentially, given the power of modern-day mobile phones, the people behind mobile games have been able to bring us better products.

Mobile gaming is the most affordable option around

Another key contributory factor behind mobile gaming’s boom has to be down to its affordability. While console gaming has its obvious merits, there is a strong argument to suggest that it has reached extortionate levels. Now, with the vast majority of society owning a smartphone device anyway, people therefore have immediate access to a huge selection of free and incredibly cheap games.

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