Why Valorant is a Great Fit for PS4 and PS5

A potential Valorant console is getting attention after the announcement of a prototype. Will the game be a good fit for PS4 and PS5 devices?

Many PC shooter games have started to make their way into consoles and mobile platforms. Notable games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite have been playable on devices such as Xbox and PS4. However, tactical FPS games have rarely made their way into consoles. However, players will likely be able to make Valorant accounts on other platforms soon as reports of console versions are in the works.


Valorant’s Potential as a Console Game

The community has mixed reactions about getting Valorant into consoles. Many legitimate concerns might degrade the PC players’ enjoyment of the game if cross-play is available, such as potential aim assist. Many gamers also remember the various issues regarding CS: GO’s console option released initially as a Ps3 and Xbox game before becoming mainly a PC title. However, many fans think Valorant would benefit from entering the console, especially since its mobile version looks promising. 

Available teasers and videos about the upcoming smartphone version show minimal variation from the original PC version, suggesting that there won’t be much difference besides optimization. The gameplay and Valorant skins are virtually the same for both versions. If the mobile version becomes successful and enjoyable, the console version is very much assured.

Riot is keen on expanding its games to reach as many audiences as possible, so getting Valorant on consoles is in their best interest. Even if PC players are skeptical about a potential PS4 or PS5 version, there are more than enough console fans to warrant the devs’ attention. The shooter game is extremely popular, so a possible launch on other platforms will have thousands of players ready. 

How Could Valorant Be Optimized for Console Gameplay?

The main concern for a tactical shooter game on PS4 or PS5 is its optimization. The most obvious answer to maximizing gameplay is introducing an aim-assist feature for future console versions. However, introducing such a feature would hinder player acceptance of cross-platform play. Some things can be done to make sure it is enjoyable and balanced. 

Aim-assist can provide a significant advantage for console players over keyboard & mouse because it helps them track opponents better. This creates a situation where competitive matches between PC and other platforms become unfair. This feature has been an issue in many games that allow console usage, such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and CoD.

An excellent way to manage this issue without prohibiting casual cross-platform play is to have a Cross-Play platform toggle option. Enabling this option ensures that players queueing into matches that include console and PC users are there willingly. Those who do not want to suffer engaging with Aim-Assist can turn off this toggle. 

Alternatively, competitive play between console and PC can be disabled. Since aim-assist does present an unfair advantage, it is logical for ranked matches to be unavailable between the two platforms. Limiting cross-play to unrated is still viable for casual gamers.

Valorant Console Prototype 

Riot devs have announced that a Valorant Console Prototype is currently being developed. The studio wants to see the future feasibility of having the game enter PS4 and PS5. This announcement contrasts Riot’s previous statement about not having plans regarding this topic since they have other projects they must focus on. 

While the prototype is currently in development, devs have reaffirmed that it is not their primary focus. Riot wants to waylay any excitement or expectations that fans might have by stating highlighting that they are prioritizing other projects in the meantime. The prototype is the only detail that players have regarding Valorant Console. 

While a PS4 or PS5 version of the shooter game is still far off, the initial development has excited players since there is a clear possibility of a console version. We are unlikely to get any further information anytime soon. In the meantime, gamers should be able to create their Valorant accounts on the mobile platform sometime in 2023.

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