The Top 10 PS4 Travel Cases

If you need to travel with your PS4 then you are going to want to make sure that you keep it safe. You might be tied to a tight budget or you may have cash to splash, but don’t worry, there are great products out there to suit all your needs.

Check out our top 10 PS4 travel cases, you are sure to find the perfect one for you!

1. GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

If your budget is large and you want to have a complete travel hub for your gaming needs, then this is the travel case for you. Fitted with a 19 Inch display, your PS4 can quickly allow you the best entertainment when on your travels; games and movies alike. What's more, it is TSA approved, meaning that it is specifically designed to take on vacation. Both light weight and durable, it's easy to take on your flight or train journey. Storage bags allow you to hold important items such as; controllers, power supplies, and more. The interior LED lighting looks very impressive. Simply put, this is the ultimate travel case for your PlayStation 4.

2. RDS Industries PS4 Travel Case

RDS Industries make what is arguably the best PS4 travel case. What makes this case one of the highest rated on the market is the fact it is so versatile. It is just the right size to be packed into luggage, it can also be carried over the shoulder, but however you choose to transport this case, it keeps the PS4 packed securely inside, so no risk of damage to the console. There is also enough space for your controllers and 2 games!

3. Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Travel Case

Lvl 99 Gear offer a slightly cheaper alternative to the RDS case, while still retaining all the positive points of the pricier case. It is extremely durable, so if you travel a lot then this case might be the one for you. Your console fits snugly so it won’t move around and get damaged – perfect for your precious cargo! The Lvl 99 Gear comes with a handy shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry round.

4. Stargoods PS4 carrying case

Stargoods PS4 carrying case is one for those who are happy to blow the budget. It is pricier than the others on this list, but it is considered to offer the best console protection meaning you beloved PS4 can be transported with complete peace of mind. There is plenty of room for your accessories, controllers, cables and games and the adjustable shoulder strap means you can carry the case around in comfort.

5. The Goliton PS4 carry case

The Goliton PS4 carry case is a basic version of this much-needed travel accessory. It has built in cases for your CDs and DVDs and it has a padded inner lining to keep your console from moving around inside the case. While it might not have the luxury feel of some of the other cases on this list, it does the job and is great value for money.

6. Bag Shop PS4 Travel Case

Bag Shop offer a PS4 travel case at a reasonable price, it is a great organiser as it has separate compartments for all your bits and pieces. The PlayStation console is stored in the main compartment while the handy pockets are ideal for your controllers, games and cables.  While it doesn’t scream luxury, it is strong and hardwearing so great for keeping everything safe and secure.

7. The CTA Digital Multi-Function PS4 Carry Case

The CTA Digital Multi-Function carry case holds the PS4, PS4 Slim or the PS3. It is much more spacious than the rest on this list, which means your console and accessories will move around inside, therefore it recommended to be used as hand luggage only so you can keep it in a safe place where you can keep an eye on it. It is a great case to be used as storage as it will protect the console from slight knocks and spills, but for the regular traveller, one of the others on the list might be preferable.

8. Hyperkin PS4 Case

If you want to look stylish then the Hyperkin PS4 case fits the bill. The adjustable shoulder strap is long enough to carry it as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag, whatever is easier for you. This case has enough space for 6 discs, some of the others will only accommodate 2. It has extra padding so you can swing it round and your console will be perfectly safe. This case falls into the mid-range price bracket, and is worth every penny.

9. AMAGLE PS4 Travel Case

The AMAGLE PS4 Travel Case not only has padded interiors but is also padded on the adjustable strap, for added comfort when carrying the case. It has 5 pockets, one of which is the main compartment for the console to be stored securely. The other 4 can hold all your cables, controllers and games. This is a good sturdy case that will keep your console safe no matter what your means of travel.

10. Anny Shop PS4 Travel Case

The old saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ works well for the final case on our list. The Anny Shop PS4 travel case is robust but looks very simple, and don’t be fooled by the fact that this falls into the lower price bracket, you get plenty of bang for your buck. Easy to carry with an adjustable strap, this is a great all round product.

There you have it, ten top travel cases that will make taking your PS4 out of the home a hassle-free experience. Which do you recommend? Don't be shy and leave your comments below.

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