PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset Review

To put it simply, PDP’s Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset is a wonderful product / audio solution which is absolutely packed with features and acts as a perfect companion for the PlayStation 4.  Of course it’s also suitable for use with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, which is certainly yet another noteworthy fringe benefit, especially for those who collect consoles.

In terms of features, we’re talking about 2.4 GHz wireless communications with up to around 100 feet of range.  Avnera technology is what’s driving everything, which offers an Analog System-on-Chip (ASoC) system that’s known for its extremely high audio fidelity and much more.  All in all, it’s a headset which is extremely user-friendly and allows users an incredible amount of freedom with regards to movement.  This basically means that there are no “loss of connection” issues to deal with when you leave a room or area to do something quickly between games / sessions (particularly important where multiplayer gaming is concerned).

PDP Afterglow

Moreover, the Afterglow Dolby Prismatic headset also comes with a charging stand, which can also be used as a nifty little display.  The tower itself is what supplies the headset with Dolby 5.1 digital surround sound and can also function to “upgrade” any Afterglow model with the same compatibilities (including support for PS4 consoles).   You’ll also find a USB charging port onboard there as well, with additional analog / digital support for plug and play functions.  Needless to say, the tower is more or less just as important as the actual headset unit.

Yet another awesome inclusion is the unit’s Prismatic Color Select LED lighting, which allows you to choose a wide selection of custom colors.   While this might only be an aesthetic addition, it does look rather wondrous and certainly adds that extra bit of high-tech charm which so many avid gamers are clearly interested in.  Furthermore, it is an incredibly comfortable device as well, made with high quality materials and very comfortable ear pieces which can be worn for an extended length of time with no fatigue.

Now, for the most important thing – the actual sound quality produced by the system.  In short, you’re not likely to encounter a headset in this price range which offers the kind of clarity and precise audio reproduction for games as Afterglow Dolby Prismatic headset.  Its 50mm Neodymium speakers deliver no less than three modes too: digital audio, digital audio with bass boost and of course, 5.1 Surround Sound.  The first two options are obviously quite standard, with the latter being angled more toward delivering a truly immersive experience.  The way these phones pinpoint and simulate how sound echoes all around you is particularly impressive; when loading up and playing a very noisy and active FPS you’ll no doubt feel as though you’re smack dab in the middle of the action.  There’s also the tactical advantage that more precise audio directionality lends, allowing obsessive multiplayer gamers to hear enemies approaching very easily.

Rating – 8.7

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