How To Charge PS4 Controller Without PS4 Console

Although the PS5 generation is well and truly underway, there are still many gamers who are contentedly playing games on their PS4. There could be a number of reasons for this; the consoles are much easier to find, for a start, and for gamers who don’t care too much about the technical side of things, the PS4 (especially the PS4 Pro) is still more than sufficient for their needs. Whether or not it’s still worth buying a PS4 in 2022 is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: many PlayStation fans still aren’t willing to give up on their old consoles.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements of later console generations, though, is controller battery life. Although the PS4 is excellent in many respects, the DualShock 4’s battery life can be a little disappointing; it’s prone to running out during hectic gaming sessions, leaving you without a controller to use. There’s an easy answer to this, of course: keep your controllers charged so they don’t run out of juice. What if you don’t have access to your PS4 console for whatever reason, though? Don’t despair. Here’s a basic rundown on how to charge PS4 controllers without a PS4 console.

Use a charging station

You may find an official PS4 charging station somewhat hard to find these days, but if you look hard enough, then you should be able to source a second-hand version of the official Sony PS4 DualShock 4 charging station. All you need to do is slot your controllers onto the station once it’s connected and hey presto – instant controller charging! It supports two controllers, too, so you can keep two charged at the same time.

If you can’t get access to an official charging station, then there are plenty of third-party alternatives out there that you can turn to instead. Most of these charging stations should be able to charge your controllers with no problems; some of them may even come with extra battery packs so that your controllers can last a little longer! It’s definitely worth picking up a charging station if you want to keep your controllers powered, as it means you won’t need to keep your PS4 in rest mode or powered on to charge.

Use a powered USB port

Your PS4 controller can charge through any USB port that’s currently receiving power. The controller’s charging needs are very low, so even low-amp plugs should be able to charge the DualShock 4. That means you can use phone chargers, tablet chargers, or any other plug with a USB port to charge the controller; just connect it like you would to the console and watch the battery come back to life! Obviously, you’ll need a micro USB cable, too, so make sure you have one handy.

It’s not just USB ports on plugs that work for charging your DualShock 4, though. You can also use powered USB ports on desktop PCs, laptops, or anywhere else you might find a USB port, provided that power can be supplied to it. With that in mind, you should never need to worry about finding a powered USB port to charge your DualShock 4; it should be easy for you to locate one. 

When will my controller need to be charged?

Generally speaking, the DualShock 4’s battery should last you between four and eight hours, assuming you’re not using it while connected to a USB port. The PS4 should warn you when your controller is low on battery; you should see a small alert appear in the corner of the screen telling you that it’s time to charge the controller.

The overall lifespan of the DualShock 4 can be anywhere between four and seven years, with some people’s controllers lasting longer depending on various factors. If you’re noticing that your controller is holding a charge for less time or that it’s disconnecting frequently, then it might be time to pick up a new one or get yours repaired. Bear in mind, though, that the cost of repairing a DualShock 4 controller may actually turn out to be higher than simply buying a replacement, so think carefully about whether you want to repair the peripheral or swap it out.

We hope that this guide on how to charge your PS4 controller without a PS4 has been helpful. It’s pretty impressive that you can charge it from any powered USB port, right? What’s your favourite method for charging your PS4 controller? Any hacks we’ve missed?

Use other consoles

Here’s a fun little trick: since other consoles have powered USB ports (even going as far back as the PS2), you can even use them to charge your DualShock 4. That means you can connect your PS4 controller to an Xbox One, for example, or to a Nintendo Switch, and watch the power flood back into it. There’s nothing quite like watching a PS4 controller charge using an Xbox USB port! 

Of course, you will need to make sure that the console is currently supplying power to that USB port, which means it’ll likely need to be in standby mode or rest mode. If the console is off, you won’t be able to charge controllers on it, obviously, so make sure there’s power going to the USB sockets. If your PS4 is currently unavailable and you really need to supply power to your DualShock 4s, just remember that you can use any device with a USB port!

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