What to Expect from FIFA 23?

The release of the FIFA 23 video game will mark the final installment in the massively successful link between EA Sports and FIFA, but will it go out with a classic version of the title? Fans are already looking forward to this new game, so let’s take a look at what it should offer us.

The Introduction of Women’s Soccer

With Chelsea FC player Sam Kerr shown alongside Kylian Mbappé on the cover of the game, it’s clear that this title is where the women’s sport finally gets a chance to shine.

This could be perfect timing, as next year’s Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 has seen interest in female teams reach a record high.

FIFA 23 will feature this World Cup, although the exact format it’ll take isn’t yet known. So, if you are keeping a closer look at the World Cup odds on the Bovada website, you will probably be excited to play it in your PS.

Besides, women’s international teams have been included in the last few editions of the game, so it’s the inclusion of female club teams from England and France that are going to catch the eye this time around.

The image of Australian Kerr on the cover of the Ultimate Edition shows that the publisher is serious about giving the women’s game an equal footing. She’s one of the top players in the sport and has set several records such as being the leading scorer in the history of the NWSL and winning the Golden Boot in Australia, North America, and Europe.

The Men’s World Cup Mode

This year also brings us the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is going to be running in Qatar over November and December. It’s the first time that this prestigious tournament takes place in the Arab world, and during the northern hemisphere’s winter.

To celebrate this event, FIFA 2023 will have a World Cup mode built into it, although we don’t yet have any details of how this is going to work. With the release timed just as the build-up to the World Cup reaches its maximum, this is sure to be one of the key selling points of the game and should encourage some new fans to give it a try.

New HyperMotion2 Technology

Over the years, this franchise has given us increasingly advanced graphics and gameplay to enjoy, making it more realistic and immersive each time an updated version is brought out. Something called HyperMotion 2 is said to be the biggest technology advance with the upcoming version.

This is a technique where the developers have used more than 6,000 stop-motion video sequences to bring added realism to the moves made by players. This is a total of 2,000 more animations than we saw used on FIFA 2022, so we’ll need to wait to see how big a difference that makes to the gameplay.

Cross-Platform Play Available

This game should be available to buy from September 30, although you could try and grab the Ultimate Edition before this, as it will be pre-released three days earlier. FIFA 23 will be made available for a wide variety of formats including PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S and One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia

With FIFA 23 to be released on so many of the latest consoles, the addition of cross-platform play is sure to be one of the most welcome additions for anyone looking to test their skills against others. However, there‘s a slight catch here, as play across different consoles is only supported when they’re from the same generation.

So this means that someone playing on a PS5 device can play against others on the Xbox Series S/X consoles. On the other hand, a PS4 user can take on an Xbox One rival, with PC players also falling into this group. The only players who can’t play people on other platforms are those who use the Nintendo Switch console.

Will It Be a Success?

The huge popularity of the FIFA franchise should mean that this game sells well. The fact that it includes men’s and women’s World Cups is definitely an added benefit, as the excitement generated by both of these events will help to raise the profile of the sport even more in the next few months.

It’s not yet known whether the fact that this is the last FIFA-licensed title from EA Sports will have an effect on sales. Will fans be keener than usual to get hold of the game, or will many of them decide to wait to see what happens when the franchise goes without FIFA next year? 

The Cost

There are three versions of FIFA 23 to look out for. The cheapest is the Legacy Edition, which has fewer updates and is set to be sold for $39.99. The Standard Edition has a $59.99 price. Meanwhile, the most expensive version is the Ultimate Edition, which costs $99.99 and has extra features as well as an earlier release date than the others.

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