F1 2020 – Deluxe Schumacher Edition: The next classic

For those who are craving speed, the 10th of July can’t come soon enough. It’s the day when we will finally be able to experience F1 2020 Schumacher Edition and all its novel updates. This release is a tribute to Schumacher’s astonishing career, and it will offer a ride in four of his most legendary cars.

That means that in four days, the game will allow you to race in 1991 Jordan 191, 1994 Benetton B194, 1995 Benetton B195, and 2000 Ferrari F1-2000. Besides, this deluxe edition is introducing exclusive M. Schumacher in-game model, race suits, helmet designs, and even a podium celebration emote.

Considering these features, it makes sense that it will be the most comprehensive F1 game ever and that we are witnessing the birth of a new iconic race game. And although they are probably keeping the best details and aspects of the game as a surprise, we will explore what has us hooked right now.

Everything you need to know about this ambitious release

July is an intense month for all the fans of Formula 1. The new season is soon starting after initially being delayed, and a long-awaited game is also about to be released. Although we are equally excited about the next Grand Prix, we will focus on the video game that we can hardly wait to be out.

The new edition will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC, and the developer and publisher Codemasters is giving three days early access.

Career and My Team mode

F1 2020 is integrated into Career mode, which means that the players will need to pass through F2 to earn their way to the top and get to drive in F1. However, the fun is intensified with My Team as a separate game mode. That means that the players can create their own teams from zero. You’ll be able to create a driver, choose a sponsor, an engine supplier, hire a teammate, and drive your way to the top. One can only assume that this is the most developed manager mode in the F1 we have seen so far. Players will need to be attentive and take care of every detail, including the checkbook and building facilities.

To add to the game being detailed and polished, players will also have to name their team. You can let your imagination run wild and choose one of the team names from previous seasons such as Brabham or Aston Martin, but you can also opt for driver-owned teams. But you can play with this possibility and select a funny name as a nod to some of historical F1 moments or players’ quirkiness.

The deluxe edition is also stepping up and including the Driver Market. Thanks to this, Career mode and My Team are connected, allowing AI F2 drivers to be promoted into F1 even in Career mode.

Thus, the game is really pushing hard in the competitiveness area. The players will see visible driver ratings, both in F1 and F2 pool. Nevertheless, F2 has four categories, and those are Experience, Racecraft, Awareness, and Pace.

New venues and updates that will give the game an authentic feeling

Another excitement steams from at least two new circuits – Hanoi and Circuit Zandvoort. They definitely look as a breath-taking venue for burning the ground with the intensity of your tires. Also, there is a glimmer of hope that September will bring more European circuits such as Algarve.

Plus, the director of the F1 games Lee Mather said that this edition is welcoming an improved handling model. We can expect the stopping distances to be shorter, making lap times closer to reality. Besides, throttle application is now gonna be sleeker, and traction control will be a part of the game. We are also saying goodbye to dirty air as the developers took care of it after receiving feedback from the drivers. That will make the game more realistic, and to ensure this feeling, you will also be able to set the pressure for each tire.

The novelty of this Schumacher-themed release also lies in driver retirement. Therefore, you can expect that F1 drivers such as Hamilton and Raikkonen will leave the game, leaving space for new names on the grid.

We will also see a comeback of split-screen multiplayer racing, which will spice up the race and boost the adrenaline. But that is not the only return. Classic cars are also going to join this edition after first being featured in F1 2013.

Over time, there have been issues with the AI pushing the player off the circuit. Thanks to being responsive to the driver’s feedback, the developers also corrected this problem. AI’s ability to defend and attack their position is polished, and the variations in its driving styles are also updated to make the experience feel more authentic.

The wait is almost over

F1 2020 is one of those games that are crafting an immense excitement and hype due to its success and sport that we love and respect. The updates we already know about are enough to make us certain that our wait is justified, and that we will experience a future classic.

If you are eager to have it in your possession, you can get it for PC via Steam. Thus, F1 2020 is  available for pre-order (£44.99), with the Deluxe Edition being £54.99.

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