How to get more for less – PSN cards trick

Every owner of a PlayStation device or a console is more than likely familiar with the PlayStation Network digital storefront, also known simply as PSN. The service network established by Sony Interactive Entertainment has been providing users with the possibility to take care of their PlayStation needs right from the comfort of their home since 2006. One of the best things about it is that the assortment of products and services is not limited to just gaming!

However, what a lot of PlayStation owners don’t realize is that by purchasing products directly from the PlayStation Store, they often miss opportunities to gain much more value from the PSN than their money’s worth. To help you avoid the same outcome, here we present you with a neat PSN card trick you should know in order to get much more out of PlayStation console by paying a lot less at the same time!

What is a PSN Gift card?

By PSN cards we first and foremost mean the PlayStation gift cards which are used to add monetary value to a chosen PlayStation Network account. It can either be your personal PSN account or the PSN card can be used with its original purpose in mind and given away as a present for anyone who has access to the PlayStation Network. From then on funds can be used to buy goods on the PlayStation Store that include video games, a variety of DLCs, movies, music, and multiple other digital services.

Why is it worth buying PSN gift cards?

What makes a digital PSN card truly worth your while is a set of conveniences that are absent when making purchases directly from the PS Store. Aside from the fact that PSN gift cards provide a secure way to shop on PlayStation digital storefront without using your credit card credentials, they also serve as a great chance to save due to digital PlayStation gift cards not having a fixed price. This means you can often find them for a price cheaper when compared to the amount of funds you’ll receive in your PSN account!

Where can you buy and activate these cards?

PSN gift cards of different values and regions are plentily available online in the form of digital key codes. For example, you can head to an online retailer like and pick from a wide selection of PlayStation cards which can, later on, be easily redeemed on the PS Store. As always, it’s important to make sure that the key code you purchase matches the region of your PSN account. Once things are in check, you are free to use your newly redeemed funds for all products and services featured on the PSN!

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Save even more with the help of PS Plus!

The trick of saving when shopping on the PlayStation Network doesn’t end by merely purchasing a PlayStation gift card. Once your PSN account balance is increased with the help of the PlayStation voucher, other kinds of digital PSN cards should come into consideration – mainly PS Plus subscriptions that can be purchased with the funds received with the said PS Store gift card.

Benefits and features of the PS Plus

For the most part, PS Plus memberships are usually sought after to gain access to the multiplayer modes or online co-op of different PlayStation games. The subscription service also provides a full set of member-exclusive PSN features and even allows the users to enjoy up to two free games each month! That means one can redeem up to 24 acclaimed PlayStation games during the course of a year!

If that sounds like your cup of tea, here are some PlayStation Plus cards to consider!

How does PS Plus help you save?

Most importantly, those who are interested in shopping on PlayStation Store cheaper should keep in mind that PS Plus subscription also provides its users with exclusive discounts. Therefore, by purchasing a PS Plus membership with funds from a PlayStation gift card the price of games or any other of the PSN products gets cut drastically in the long run. This potent combination basically works as a double discount!

Unlock the full potential of PlayStation!

The PlayStation Network is teeming with various forms of digital entertainment but only with the help of PSN card codes – PlayStation gift cards and PS Plus memberships – does it become possible to tap into the full potential of Sony’s gaming system. Not to mention that both options serve as a great present that will be welcomed by any PlayStation fan no matter the occasion!

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