The Best PS4 Horse Games – TOP 7

Most people will tell you that dog is man’s best friend, but there is one loyal animal whose companionship is often underrated. The presence of horses in our lives had an essential role in the old ages, but today we get to love them for who they are. Not for what they can do for us. Horses are beautiful creatures that inspire art in many forms. They are also an inspiration for video game developers, although the offer is not as diverse as it should be.

There is a myriad of creative ways how horses can be central characters of gameplay, not just a sole human companion. To those who love their strength and deep, sad eyes, or horse-ridding, video games are another way to be a part of their world and learn more about them. Today, we are exploring the world of video games where horses have main or strong supporting characters. Here’s our top for PS4. 

Horse Racing 2016

If you are a hardcore racing fan, you might like this sports simulator game that promises the rush and intensity of being a champion and experiencing a challenging race to the player. The game’s focal points are speed, jumping, twists, and turns. You can choose between six horses and jockeys to race with on six different tracks, so don’t expect variety. Thus, the game is thin on content, and there are no clear explanations for the controls. 

My Little Riding Champion

With a simple storyline, this video game allows you to ride in the countryside and take care of your horse while getting ready for the competitions. What’s good is that you can choose various horses and create a connection with them. The level of customization is also quite satisfying, which lets you explore and have fun. However, this is a game that’s meant for kids, and its repetitiveness makes it dull for adults. 

Winning Post 8

Coming from the Japanese series from 1993, Winning Post is the new horse racing installment where you can both participate in races and manage horse-breeding. Besides, there are over 300 experienced horses and jockeys who went down in history. You can also nurture the bond between your character and the horse, making the game realistic. Thus, with the new avatars, there’s a great choice of customization to make the game more engaging.

My Riding Stables: Life With Horses

If you enjoy managing and rebuilding things, here you can turn ruins into a magnificent riding stable. You will get a chance to renovate stables, guesthouse, and a riding hall, which will provide you with money from the guests so that you can build a place for breeding new horses. All the available features and elements make it a well-rounded game that gives a realistic experience with mesmerizing animations. Still, there are only three breeds available (Hanoverian, Friesian, and Andalusian), and the pacing is a bit slow.

Phar Lap – Horse Racing Challenge

Another thrilling racing simulation video game that lets you build your own stable. But what makes this one different is that it allows you to compete online against other players. Combined with vivid and realistic graphics, it makes the race more intense and competitive. These cinematic graphics also provide you with motion-captured animations of the race. Thanks to the Place Bets feature that allows eight players, it’s possible to compete against your mates in real-time. 

Windstorm: Ari’s Arrival

It was a feature film that inspired this release, promising a complex story and characters with depth. In this coming-of-age horse story, Windstorm can’t overcome the anxiety after surviving a fire that left Mika in a coma. But it’s the arrival of a fierce new character that will help Windstorm heal the fears and trauma. The foster girl Ari will gain Windstorm’s trust, which will nurture him back to health and into the game. The game has 15 main missions and an open environment to explore with many new areas. Thus, the stunning graphics will capture your attention, and you will find that there are many rewards and collectible items.

Read Dead Redemption 2

Although it’s not horse-focused, this game managed to reach the top due to its top-notch graphics that capture the beauty of horses. Besides, it lets you explore an immersive and mesmerizing open world while wandering through the rugged 1899 America. The story focuses on Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang. To survive, they need to rob and fight against the federal against and bounty hunters while making their way through rural America. If you crave a realistic Western drama where you will enjoy the wildlife while riding through stunning sceneries, you can’t pass this one.

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