The Best PS4 Games for Girls

Girls love gossips, doing their nails and hair, and spending hours shopping. – Thankfully, we’ve been past that stereotype for a long time. Just like cars and football don’t fascinate every male, not every female obsesses over light topics and pink color. Many of them can’t wait to get back home, turn on their favorite video game, and tune out.

There’s no specific video game niche that’s reserved only for those with the XX chromosome. Therefore, our goal was to pick games that fit different generations and preferences. Although there are no rules. Some girls have a blast slaying the bad guys, and some like to chill and enjoy in aesthetical and relaxing releases. Here’s our pick!

Sakura Wars – 15

If you have a zest for anime, this reboot of Sega’s original series from 1996, might please your eyes and brain. Sakura Wars is a visual novel that focuses on the Flower Troupe – a team of girls whose role is to restore the Imperial Theatre and protect Tokyo. You step into this world as Navy ensign Seijuro Kamiyama, the captain who needs to make her team connect and work together. Although the game has stereotypical female characters, this game will put into practice your soft skills while also getting to engage in combat.

Paper Beast – 14

Here’s a release that grabs the attention from the get-go due to its pulsing lights, unique gameplay, and never knowing what to expect. It’s a VR experience that pulls you into its artistic cyberspace. When we say artistic, we mean that there is Dali and Gaudi’s influence all over this colorful world. Paper Beast feels like a complex and astonishing simulation created for artistic souls who love to solve puzzles. And this video game is full of environmental riddles and puzzles.

Little Big Planet 3 – 13

It’s almost impossible to skip this light-hearted classic that people like no matter the gender or age. This time you can download all the purchases from the previous games. However, you can still enjoy it even if you are hearing about it for the first time. For those who are new to this unique world, this is a platforming game where you play Sack Boy, and you need to save the land of Bunkum from a sinister force. But what makes it special is the user-generated content, which will boost your creativity.

Deliver Us the Moon – 12

Once upon a time, Shannon L. Adler said that the moon would guide us through the night with its brightness. That’s what the moon is according to this video game. – A savior, the last hope for our planet. If you are one of those romantic souls that admires the moon’s mystery, you’ll enjoy becoming the astronaut who goes to the moon to save Earth. Even if you’re not a science-nerd, Deliver Us the Moon will enchant you with it’s dynamic and well-written gameplay.

Coffee Talk – 11

Aren’t you tired of this complicated 2020, COVID-19 world, and its plot twists? What about transcending to an alternate 2020 where you can take the role of a barista of a small coffee shop somewhere in Seattle? Considering that it’s a visual novel, Coffee Talk doesn’t have explosive action, and it doesn’t require making difficult choices. In this one, you finally get to rest from the overwhelming reality, where you only control drink orders. Oh, we should mention that werewolves and vampires will be your regular customers.

Operancia: The Stolen Gun – 10

As promised to give a diverse offer, here’s a dark dungeon crawler that borrows inspiration from Hungarian folklore. It allows you to create your character from three different classes – Warrior, Mage, and Hunter. The storyline revolves around the sun disappearing, which leaves the world in darkness. Following your journey, you will run through 13 puzzling dungeons, which also includes a treasure hunt. If you love visually-driven games that have retro vibes and challenging obstacles, you’ll fall for this one.

Just Dance – 9

Coming from a 10-years old franchise, Just Dance will make sure that you are having a good time. No matter if you are throwing a party or simply want to forget about the world with your bestie, this game will lift your mood. All you need is a Joy-Con or a smartphone in your hand, and friends willing to dance with the latest pop hits. Of course, you can also dance alone and practice to show-off your dancing-queen skills in front of your guests or loved ones.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Campaign Remastered) – 8

For many girls, the original Call of Duty is the game that introduced them to the gritty world of shooter video games plying it with their dads or brothers. If you prefer raw games that are not afraid of violence and do-or-die decision, this one is for you. The fourth release provides you with villains you’ll love to hate, and you’ll enjoy finishing them. It’s competitive, intense, and it offers a well-crafted mission.

Mirror’s Edge – 7

The world we are living in is not a stranger to totalitarian governments. Neither in the past nor now. In Mirror’s Edge, you’ll play as Faith, a runner who works against the totalitarian regime in a city with an unknown name. Besides fighting for freedom and justice, what makes us like her are her acrobatic skills and abilities. You will use them to fight the cops and clear the name of your sister Claire who is accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Thus, you’ll enjoy exploring this cold, void world your strong character will lead you through.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash – 6

Sega’s iconic rhythm game is back, and if you love having fun, you shouldn’t wait to join this engaging experience. By joining its world, you’ll get to be the newest member of the Space Channel 5 crew. However, the aliens will interrupt all the fun and invade during orientation. It’s your task to join Ulala and save the galaxy with your dance moves. Therefore, if you want an entertaining game that burns calories, you can’t miss this one.

The Last of Us II – 5

Even if you are not deep into the gaming world, it’s hard to avoid hearing about this game that will probably go into history as a classic. While The Last of Us is not for the faint of heart, it will be breathtaking for those who love raw and bloody gameplay. For those who are not familiar with Ellie and Joel, it is recommendable to play TLOU I first. Nevertheless, the second part has a narrative that’s more complex and heart-breaking. Thus, although violent, the visuals are astonishing.

The Sims 4 – 4

If you crave to go back into the good, old times, then you might start by going back to the video game that marked so many childhoods. It’s the original Sim game that lets you create lives, control them, and feel like a God. But the main charm of this game is that it allows you to create yourself, except you get to have longer hair or better clothes. You can choose to start as a baby or an elder, and you’ll build your life from scratch. Well, The Sims 4 feels like the final form of escapism in the world of video games, and sometimes all we need is to be someone else.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – 3

Although it’s recommendable to be familiar with the previous release, this one doesn’t necessarily offer much novelty. What makes it stand out is its strong characters and captivation narration. The previous chapters had Nathan Drake in the center of the story, but this time we follow Chloe Frazer and Nadine, who go on an adventure through India. You’ll enjoy exploring the jungle and other dangerous locales. The Lost Legacy will give equip you with a dose of adrenaline and energy, enough to make any day less ordinary.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – 2

Another childhood favorite for many girls. It might have been Lara Kroft, who took you on your first adventure and awoke your curiosity. If you wish to follow that journey, join Lara in this one when she finally becomes the Tomb Raider that we know. In the previous two releases, she starts as an insecure and new adventurer, but she grows into a brutal and dangerous fighter thirsty for knowledge. If you love challenging and adventurous video games, you can’t miss this improved version of the classic we love.

Horizon Zero Dawn – 1

The protagonist Aloy will probably be remembered as one of the most captivating and powerful female characters in the last few years. Horizon Zero Dawn brings you a mesmerizing world that tells a story of finding who you are. Thus, the sceneries are lush and unique, which will pull you even deeper into the game. You will also enjoy Aloy’s impressive skills and strength that are intertwined with the unique and vulnerable characters, conversations, and soundtrack.

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