PS4 Indie Games You Should Try in 2016

Everyone hears about the much-anticipated PS4 titles from the big, well-known game-makers; but what about those PS4 games from smaller developers? Some of them are concrete proof that it doesn’t take a massive budget to produce an entertaining game. Not all indie titles are worth your time, but some of them are true gems, just waiting to be discovered. Here’s our roundup of PS4 indie games you should try in 2016.



This is one indie game that will have space fans salivating. “ADR1FT” launches on March 28, 2016 from publisher Three One Zero. You’ll play as an amnesiac astronaut struggling to survive in the broken remains of a space station. Explore in a zero-gravity environment, solve problems, and piece together clues to find out what exactly happened to your character and to the space station. Then pull together the items you need to repair the vessel and head home. The graphics look amazing, and the game-makers claim that “ADR1FT” is an up-close, first-hand experience that comes close to virtual reality.

The Witness

The Witness

Got a thing for puzzles? Try game-maker Thekla Inc.’s “The Witness,” a new first-person puzzle adventure game. You’re alone on a deserted island, intricately designed with puzzles that start out simple, but quickly increase in complexity. The maze-like puzzles, the solitude of the in-game atmosphere, and the beautiful graphics will immerse you so completely in the island world that you will barely notice the hours slipping by.


The Rime ps4

“The Rime” offers up another island setting, but this time you play as a clever young lad who is trying to survive on a cursed island. There are some intriguing aspects to this game— like the absence of a spoken narrative, the cel-shaded style of the art, and the use of day-night lighting to further the plot. Look for this third-person, open-world puzzle game, coming from Tequila Works sometime in 2016.

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary ps4

Indie game developers love islands— perhaps because it limits the extent of the game’s world, or because it gives a sense of eerie solitude that keeps players engaged. “Salt and Sanctuary” is set on an island— but this island is more akin to purgatory than paradise. Those who have played “Salt and Sanctuary” praise its risk-and-reward allure, along with its dark, moody atmosphere. You’ll get a variety of customization mods and items as you move through the 2D world of the island, fighting creepy, crafty villains on your quest to rescue— you guessed it— a princess. In spite of the cliche, this game is a fun, polished product that you’ll want to check out on your PS4.


Hellblade 222

If you’re looking for a fierce, gritty indie title, join the queue of gamers waiting for “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice,” a PS4 game with roots in violent Celtic myth. You become the desperate and possibly psychotic Senua, the female protagonist, who struggles through a terrifying and brutal underworld. Coming from Ninja Theory, this game is sure to be well-designed from a combat perspective, with plenty of ninja-class fighting moves. The game is still in development, and there is no specific release date yet.

Are you looking forward to an indie title that’s still in the works, or do you have a favorite indie title that’s already available? Let us know about those undiscovered gems for the PS4.

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