PS4 November Game Review Round Up

November has quickly come and gone; and what a better way to reminisce by looking back at PS4’s best releases of November 2016.

Final Fantasy XV


If you’re looking for a challenging and exciting open world game; then the Final Fantasy franchise has got you covered. The long awaited return has come with some mixed reviews however; with a lack in originality and storyline it doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark with everyone. As with the other Final Fantasy games before now, you can still expect to see dungeons filled with danger and a sense of fear around every corner, and you can definitely still expect to fight overly large beasts as you voyage across the vast lands. This new addition is still doing a fantastic job of capturing the hearts of those young and old.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Of course this one has to be here, it wouldn’t be right to miss it out would it? The new addition to the Call of Duty franchise comes from Infinity Ward and features a futuristic space war theme; something which is definitely a unique and exciting concept. This game is packed full of action and with tonnes of exciting gameplay to get your teeth stuck into (that’s right, I’m talking about zombies!) and the ever traditional multiplayer that we have all become accustom to – this one is not to be missed!

Dishonored 2


Dishonored 2 comes back with a fight, just where its predecessor left off, leaving plenty for the imagination as to what we could expect next. This game is bigger, bolder and overall better than its sibling; offering out of this world level design and a storyline to match it. Studios has done a fantastic job of capturing the hearts and minds of fans everywhere, looking to get their next fix of excitement! With such a detailed storyline and multiple endings – you could be playing this one for a while.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection


What’s that you say, another Assassin’s Creed game? Well … not quite. Ubisoft have instead offered PS4 users the chance to experience Ezio and gang in fantastic colour and glory. This bundle offers Creed lovers the chance to play favourites such as Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations all over again. Although a great idea and certainly one I was looking forward to myself; it hasn’t quite hit the spot. Ubisoft seem to have missed some critical details, with the controls seeming to lack the smoothness and ease they used to have on the older gen consoles and it really does seem that they have rushed to get this title out. Sometimes it’s better to leave things the way they were, and it’s sadly the case for this one.

Watch dogs 2


Fantastic news … It’s Watch dogs 2! Taking us from the streets of Chicago to the awesome city of San Francisco. This revitalized franchises brings everything we loved about the original Watchdogs game and makes it even better.  This open world game gives you to the chance to live the life of a hacker once again but this time as a different vigilante, and it’s sure that you won’t get bored of this game; unique and creative mission designs with multiple ways of completing the story allows for plenty of play time. The suburb of the Bay Area offers fantastic detail and room to explore the city. If you were a fan or not of the original game, Ubisoft have worked hard to ensure this one is better in almost every single way.

November has seen the arrival of many sequels offering us the opportunity to play our favourite games all over again; and this includes Killing Floor 2.

Killing Floor 2


Following on from its predecessor, the mayhem and madness resumes as the zombie outbreak consumes Europe. The aim of the game? … To fight off and kill as many zombies as possible, I know, awesome! This game offers tonnes more great features than the first, including new and improve game mechanics and graphics as well as a shiny new soundtrack to keep you going through the slaying! It’s fair to say that if you love killing zombies then you’ll love this game, the co-op mode adds even more fun as you attempt to avenge the zombie outbreak as a team – now that’s my time of game.

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