10 PS4 Exclusive Games Arriving in 2018

When it comes to PS4 games, it is never too early to start looking forward. We are not done with 2017 yet because there are a lot of games to be released this year. However, when we talk about 2018, the list seems to keep on going. There is so much to anticipate for the upcoming year with numerous surprise releases as well as confirms. In this article, we are keeping tabs on the ever-expanding list of the PS4 exclusive games that will be releasing in 2018. The ten best of these games are listed as follows.

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Shadow of the Colossus was arguably the most prominent announcement at the PS pre-E3 conference which is the updated version of the classic from 2005. Back then it had haw dropping graphics and giants beats, and the trailer of the current version is nothing short of spectacular as well. During the conference, the game didn’t get enough screen time, but with the few scenes shared, it stood out of the crowd. The PS4 exclusive game is expected to be released in mid-2018, and it promises to be a great adventure.

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With the release date expected to be in early 2018, Days Gone is the zombie thriller that will keep you thrilled in the next year. If you think that zombies are done to death, then you are wrong. Your enemies in this post-apocalypse open world scenario are zombies which are technically the undead.  The game addresses them as Freakers, and they are always on to you. These feral Freakers are infected humans who practically start to flood out of any environment and are so keen to devour the hero in this game named Deacon. This Deacon character is relatable to the Starkiller of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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This exclusive PS4 game has still to be confirmed releasing date in 2018 and is based on Kratos. He is now supporting a scruffy beard and after having torn the Greek pantheon asunder now aims to conquer the Norse. This entry looks to tame the endless rage of Kratos as he raises and trains Atreus, his son to become the next rage machine. Meanwhile, you still get to kill many of those fantastical beings with the help of the lightning axe which features to be the primary weapon of Kratos. Nevertheless, you can expect a lot quieter moments in this installment.

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The game is the choice-driven adventure which seems to be a trend these days. It revolves around a bunch of androids who are gaining undifferentiated consciousness. Heard anything about Kara demo that Sony exhibited a few years back? Well, she returns in this game as one of the playable characters in the futuristic Detroit. Detective Connor who is also a robot and ever aspiring Marcus are the two other playable characters. David Cage has taken a couple of years to write the script of this game, and many actors did the mo-cap work in it as well.

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This superhero game is also based on open world scenario. Apparently, with Spider-Man being the playable character, you get to web-swing between high skyscrapers and beat up goons such as Mister Negative and Kingpin to maintain peace in New York City. The exciting thing about this game is that it is not linked to any Marvel Movie or comic which means that the storyline does not bind the creators of the game. It clears out one thing that you won’t get to see those origin storylines that you have been witnessing for umpteenth times.

6.      The Last of Us Part 2

The Part 2 of this game picks up after the five years of the original game. The principal theme of this game will follow its predecessor, and that is to survive in the post-outbreak world. However, very little is known about the details of the storyline of Joel and Ellie. The trailer suggests that Ellie is seriously outrageous about something. According to some fans, Joel is dead, and Ellie just imagines him, but there is no sure shot news about it. However, it is still in its early stage of development, and it is expected to be released in the latter half of 2018.

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The game is the new project Hideo Kojima who did great with Metal Gear franchise. The game stars Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo Del Toro, and it also features some weird old babies and space whales. The game deals with the term ‘game over’ differently as there are multiple timelines and universes. It means that the death of the player in one world will result in the transportation of the character into another world. In short, the game is about something that is from another universe, and it strands in ours. Well, there is not much to say here until the game comes out.

8.      Dreams

The developers of this game, Media Molecule are famous for their creativity. They allow the players of their games to create different scenarios and for this many fans look forward to their games. The examples of the fabulous pair of Tearaway games and LittleBigPlanet are apparent. Their new game Dreams take the idea of creativity to a new level, and it is up to the player to create a new game entirely. The game is expected in early 2018.

9.      WiLD

In this game, you are a shaman and free to explore the vastness of the world around you and carve a path for yourself. You can master every animal that comes in your sight, or you can learn from them, or they can possess you. Well, shamans are magical, and the game creates that scenario very well. So if you want to fly like an eagle or own a wolf pack or if you want the entire lion population to bow down in front of you then this is the game to play.

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Set for release in early 2018, on Windows and PS4 (making it a console exclusive), Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will deliver a colourful, joyful, cartoon-styled RPG. Represented as a sequel to Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a young king named Evan is on a mission to locate a new kingdom. However, many battles await thanks to unfriendly beings known as the Higgledies. If you are an RPG fan and aren’t afraid of a cartoonish overlay, then this should be on your pre-order list.

Which PS4 exlcusives are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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