Using Social Media as a PS4 Gamers

I remember having my first Nintendo set back in the late 1980s. I always thought it would be fun to play against other people around the world in real time. However, I never thought that it would be possible as an unenlightened seven-year-old boy.

Video gaming has changed in surprising ways since my youth. Today, you can play your favorite games against players all over the world. Social media is playing an interesting role for PS4 players.

Here are some ways that avid gamers are in bracing social media.

Discussing ideas on social media

Plenty of PS4 players have set up their own groups on Facebook, Instagram and other social media properties. They use these groups to share tips and build connections with their friends.

Helping new gamers break into the scene

New gamers have a hard time making a name for themselves. They typically lack the skills they need to perform well.

Social media helps them connect with more experienced mentors. They can learn from the best, so they will play well at their favorite games.

Meeting Gamer friends for real life connections

Gamers tend to spend a lot of time by themselves. However, most of them yearn for more personal connections. Social media makes it easier for them to meet each other in real life.

Websites like have groups dedicated specifically for gamers. People can participate in these groups to meet like-minded people for more genuine connections.

Sharing popular game hacks and strategies

Whether you are playing multiplayer PS4 games or purely competing against CPU players, sharing tips is one of the best ways to stand out. People that have played the game before will have a better idea and can help you overcome some of your challenges.

The best types of hacks have been available to gamers for many years. I remember reading the Nintendo Power magazine’s back in the second grade. However, you always had a much more limited perspective when reading columns written by professionals. These journalists also had close relationships with the gaming companies, so they didn’t want to share too many giving secrets. Players had to figure most things out on their own.

Things have changed significantly since then. Players are able to share insights with each other. They may pick up on nuances of their favorite PS4 games that professional journalists have missed.

New Ways to Make Money from their Gaming Skills

Exceptional gamers can find ways to make money from their skills by using social media. They can create their blogs by sharing their ideas. They can generate money from these blogs by advertising or ecommerce. They can promote their games by purchasing automatic Instagram likes as part of a social media strategy.

Social Media is Changing the Play Station Experience

The first PlayStation hit the market in 1994. This means it is over a decade older than Facebook. Yet, it has survived the turbulent changes technology has wrought, including the growing number of Indie developers marketing on desktop and mobile platforms. Rather than being destroyed by social media, the PlayStation platform is embracing it in remarkable ways.

Many people depend on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms to share news on their favorite games and build lasting connections with other PS4 gamers. Social media will continue to change the future of the PlayStation network in the years to come.

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