What’s the Ideal Screen Size for Gaming

PC gaming is hot. Portable gaming has passed hot and reached scorching levels of demand. Online gaming is sizzling and still expanding. No matter what kind of games you like, there’s a gaming site, platform, console, software, or mobile app out there to cater to your needs. There’s one thing that all of these have in common – the screen.

All About the Picture

Since the first video game, one challenge has existed – displaying the best picture every second of the game. The games themselves are tailored for specific devices, optimized for speed, fluidity, and offering the best possible experience. Most games rely on the device’s specifications. Any images displayed will be limited by the device’s graphical capabilities.

If you’re playing on an Xbox or Playstation, you’re looking at a screen. Surviving in Call of Duty: Warzone means your focus rarely leaves the display. The mobile version of Pandemic has your fingers dancing all over the screen, tapping out mutating viruses from Japan to Chile. Many games are now available for multiple platforms, with each version specifically optimized for the given platform. People can play on almost all devices, from a tiny smartwatch to a massive living room TV. Does a game play better on a big screen or a small one?

PC Powerhouse

There’s no arguing that a gaming-oriented computer has the edge in gaming. A desktop or laptop designed for gaming can play games at increased graphic levels, sound levels, and frame rates. The result is smooth animations and instant player movement. With no lag and all-out sound, the player is thoroughly immersed in the game. PC games traditionally offer the most advanced options for adjusting the look and feel of games, along with a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

Consoles in Control

Consoles like Playstation are powerful machines in their own right. Unlike computers that support upgrades as games become more complex, there’s no way to upgrade consoles. This means that an older console can’t play a video game designed for a newer console. However, consoles present a cheaper and more convenient gaming experience.

Portable on the Rise

Tablet and mobile phones have become vastly more capable in the last decade. Processors and available memory continue to increase with every new device on the market. Their screen resolutions have expanded from a paltry 480×800 to high-definition resolution past 1440×2560, just like on desktops and laptops. Despite a physically smaller screen size, mobile gaming experience rivals that of PC and consoles gameplay.

A fast processor and memory translate to faster frame rates. A higher resolution means more pixels on the screen, and the high pixel count offers sharper images. With more power, portables can play any game application like rapid shooters, colorful role-playing games, and complex simulations.

Games Galore

Online gaming has reached a point where mobile developers outnumber PC and console developers. Growth is driven by availability and technology, while apps are available from various marketplaces. A quick web search results in dozens of pages offering all sorts of multiplayer games, MMOs, and even casino games. Finding games is not a problem.

Browser technology has evolved since the days of Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome are more than capable of supporting browser-based apps and games. This has led to the popularity of online games among casual players. With a browser, people can play on a PC, a tablet, or a phone. The browser handles any screen resolution issues. The player is automatically presented with the best display for their device, so the screen size becomes irrelevant.

More Gaming to Come

Web-based games are getting more sophisticated without requiring players to learn new technology. People have become used to browsers, as we all use them daily. Phones and tablet interfaces are designed to be intuitive and easy to adapt to. Put together, online games and portable devices offer the best gaming experience.

Online gaming has found ways around the screen image issue by using browsers and dedicated apps on capable tablets and phones. The next challenge is mobile payments with cryptocurrencies. Payment systems like PayPal have made online financial transactions commonplace. Gaming platforms are continuing to expand by offering more flexible payments. Nowadays, you can buy Steam gift cards using Bitcoin. Sites like Good Luck Mate are encouraging the use of Ethereum and Bitcoin to fund bankrolls. Some sites even offer Bitcoin or Ether as bonuses for playing games.

The newest types of games are crypto games based on Ethereum. A player creates and loads a digital Ethereum wallet. The available games like BitGuild are not on par with the current stock of PC, console, or app games, but they certainly show promise. You can play them on any size screen and resolution. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a gamer, and we can’t wait to see what crazy new forms of gaming are waiting just around the corner!

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