Can you learn poker on PlayStation? Yes, you can!

Poker is a game that is enjoyed by many across the world. It is estimated the 60 million Americans have enjoyed the game, either across the cards table or via the internet.

Different US states have different laws regarding both online and land-based gambling, but in those states that have allowed gambling, the industry has seen large, positive growth over the last few years. Many states across the country have now legalised online gambling or in the process of passing a bill to make online gambling legal. An example of a state where online gambling has proved popular is Pennsylvania. In October 2017, Pennsylvania became the fourth state to legalise online gambling after the success of states such as New Jersey and Nevada, the locals can bet on an online casino like they would in a brick and mortar casino and they can also partake in sports gambling.

Despite many providers offering a variety of games, ranging from slots to live roulette, it is the classic game of poker that has become a popular game played on online casinos across the States.

But why is poker such a popular game for gamblers?

Part of poker’s appeal for those who enjoy casino games is that it is not only a game of chance, but also one that requires a specific set of skills. Being able to interpret your opponent’s body language is essential in order to be able to call their bluff. You must also have good awareness of your own behaviour to successfully carry out a counter-bluff. Developing these skills takes time and practice, players are drawn in by the thrill of taking chances and seeking reward.

Poker also has a rich history that spans across a number of centuries. The game started to gain popularity in New Orleans in the nineteenth century, its earlier version shares many similarities to the poker variants we know and play today. Many people enjoy the culture that surrounds this game, it is competitive and glamorous. Players, particularly those in gambling hotspots like Las Vegas, enjoy the luxury and wealth associated with casinos. Online players are also attracted to the convenience of playing such a thrilling card game from the comfort of their own home.

Poker is now played in many different formats

Due to poker rapidly growing in popularity, the game has been developed on other formats outside traditional casinos: this includes web browsers, apps and even video games. Playing on video game consoles is particularly exciting as it gives players the opportunity to explore the game inside another game.

There are a number of poker specific games available to play on PlayStation. These games are great for those who aren’t ready to play in a real land-based or online casino. Players can experience all the different variants of the game, without having to play their own real money.

For competitive types who enjoy progressing up different levels, Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship is a great game to learn poker on. In this game, you begin at the Jokers table and must work your way up to the Aces and Masters tables in the penthouse. As you progress, the stakes become higher and the pot continues to grow.

Another game to try on PlayStation is Prominence Poker. The city of Prominence is home to all manner of people, including the mysterious Mayor who is there to guide you through your poker career. If you are looking for a game set in a glitzy casino then this one probably isn’t for you. In Prominence, you will play in a seedy location against some corrupt folk. These characters bring the game to life and help to build an interesting and well thought out backstory. Whether you prefer single or multiplayer mode, you will be impressed by the variety of challenges and tournaments on offer.

What about poker games that exist inside other console games?

These are great if you want a small taste of the game without focusing all your gameplay on it. Grand Theft Auto is an excellent example of this. As suggested by the game, players in this game are put under pressure by powerful criminals to steal vehicles in their pursuit to commit dangerous heists and gain cash.

Last year a casino was opened in the downtown area of Vinewood called The Diamond Casino and Resort. At Diamond Casino, players can play a variety of machine and table games, with a popular choice being three card poker. In this casino you don’t stake real money, chips are used as currency and are given by the casino cashier in limited quantities. VIP members at The Diamond are able to access additional benefits, such as use of a helipad, valet parking and an exclusive lounge with high stakes tables.

You can also play poker on the PlayStation in the game Red Dead Redemption Two. After beating the main mission in Chapter Two, you begin to gain access to five different locations to play mini games of poker in. During this mission, you can find poker at Flatneck Station. Games can also be found at the Saloon of Valentine and in Saint Denis. Once you reach the story’s epilogue, you can also enjoy a game at the Saloon of Blackwater or the Saloon of Tumbleweed.

For anyone who wants to learn the tactics of poker without wagering real money, video games are a great alternative to traditional casinos and allow players to play poker with a console of their choice. When you are ready to experience a real game, there are plenty of other options on online casinos that can be accessed through your device’s web browser.

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