10 Upcoming Releases for PS4 (2015)

Anticipation is the name of the game when it comes to new releases for the PS4; gamers have already been treated to a number of top class releases in 2014 and early 15.
Keeping tabs on upcoming releases can be enough to put anyone in a spin, so today we take a look at 10 of the most anticipated upcoming releases for the PS4. There are some remasters, expansion packs and Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition set to release, which I’ve intentionally left off this list, as while worthy we already know about those titles and what their game play entails.

10) Lego Dimensions – Sep 27

Lego dimensions
Any game that involves the small connector pieces is sure to be a hit for young and old fans alike, and Lego dimensions promises to bring the small blocks to life. The game will combine a real world toy-line with a virtual game experience similar to the Skylanders franchise. This game will bring to life Lego size characters from DC comics, the Lord of The Rings and the Wizard of Oz, to name a few, and provide an interactive link between real world and online play. With the success of the Lego Movie fresh in everyone’s minds and the success of franchises with a lot less history, I’m sure Lego Dimensions will be a success. Look for more announcements and updates at the electronic entertainment expo in June.

9) Mighty No.9 – Sep 15

Mighty No.9
This game is so similar to MegaMan, it’s comical, but being someone who as a kid spent countless hours playing MegaMan on the Game Boy, I’m sure I‘ll have some fun with this release. Mighty No.9 is an indie style platform game that has an obvious market, as the Kick-Starter program was funded within 2 days and the total funding across all stages reached 400% on the original goal a clear cry for Mega Man owners Capcom to get their act together. The story follows main protagonist Beck who is one of 9 Mighty Bots as she jumps, runs and fires at machines affected by a virus. This virus has also affected the other Mighty bots who Beck must defeat at the end of each level, while upgrading her weaponry and armour along the way. This 2D gem is sure to give gamers an enjoyable experience to pass the time and remember the good ol days of Mega Man

8) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Plan – Sep 1

The Phantom Pain
The Phantom Plan follows on from the events of Ground Zeroes as Snake looks to seek out those who left him in a coma. For those unfamiliar with Metal Gear gameplay will involve players sneaking into enemy territory and trying to remain undetected as they use an array of weapons and vehicles to infiltrate different strong holds in a massive open world environment. Back for this instalment of Metal Gear is the base building feature, which will allow players to upgrade and develop weapons in their home building, as well as recruit and convert enemy soldiers to the cause. Enemy AI has improved in situational tactics as the enemy will learn to adapt to each player’s unique style e.g for players adept at headshots, the enemy will begin to wear helmets, and increase support numbers. For those looking for a tactical and stealth style shoot-em up, Metal Gear promises to deliver, those players with saved game data from Ground Zeroes will be able to import that data and receive special perks as well for an added bonus of loyalty.

7) Star Wars Battlefront – Nov 17

Star Wars Battlefront 2
As the world waits for the release of Episode 7 the team at Dice bring fans the 3rd instalment in the battlefront series. Played from either the first or third person battlefront allows player to transition seamlessly from either viewpoints as they travel and explore the worlds of Tattoine, Huth, Endor and Sullust. Players have the ability to navigate the planets via air or land but all battles are restricted to the planet which I’m sure will disappoint those hoping of a death star-esque battlefield. Players choose to play as either a storm trooper or rebel alliance soldier and missions can be completed cooperatively with friend’s offline or as a single player with AI or alone.

Online multiplayer supports up to 40 players per match which the sets the scene for an epic battle among players. The major sticking point with this game for me is the lack of a campaign mode which I’m sure is set to rile up fans of the franchise. Game play looks smooth and I’m sure for those gamers who enjoy multiplayer and online warfare battle front will deliver but for those casual fans looking for a solid campaign mode the game looks set to disappoint more than Jar Jar Binks. This game would be higher up the list if it wasn’t for the lack of a campaign mode, campaign mode is what draws the players in and gives them the idea of the story and without your relying on multiplayer and quality missions to keep you entertained and for some that isn’t enough. Whatever your preference online or offline battle front is sure to have even the most casual of star wars fans slobbering in anticipation for the release of “The Force Awakens”.

6) Kingdom Hearts 3 – TBC 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3
One of my all time favourites on the PS2 was Kingdom hearts is the action-role playing game featuring all your favourite Disney characters Goofy, Donald Duck and King Mickey. The main protagonist Sora looks set to explore the new and familiar world of the kingdom hearts franchise and the plot has been said to take off directly after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

In Gameplay shown at the Disney D23 expo key blades (the main weapon of choice for Sora) will have the ability to change and transform in their own way.
Game play has strong links to the Disney world with players able to use Disney rides in battle. For those familiar with the Kingdom hearts franchise expect to see a stark upgrade similar to that seen from Kingdom hearts I to II, although game play controls and mechanics appear to be pretty similar. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a family favourite and enjoyable experience for any gamer with fast paced, exciting and flashy action.

5) Call of Duty Black Ops III – Nov 6

What would a gaming countdown be without one of the largest and most successful franchises of all time! Black Ops is back and it promises to be bigger and better than ever, after the creators had a 3 year cycle to put this one together, and after everything that was crammed into Black Ops 2, you can see why fans are excited.

While the reveal trailer shows a little bit of Titan Fall (wall running anyone?), fans of advanced and futuristic warfare look set to be in heaven. Multiplayer maps and AI look to be revamped, and players appear to have an array of weapons at their disposal. Exosuits have been removed, but robotic arms appear to be the in thing for this instalment. Set in a troubled and futuristic world dealing with the aftermath of Black Ops 2, the world has split into two warring factions with battles going on all fronts. Players will be pleased to hear that 4 player co-op is in, and the AI has been upgraded to cope with multiple targets, campaign characters are customisable, with players having the ability to choose which upgrades they desire, and unlike Advanced Warfare you’ll be able to use these abilities when you want to! You will also have the option to play as a female if you desire. With the customizable characters and re-emphasis on creating a game which isn’t as linear as previous franchises, Black Ops 3 may deliver on something the Call of Duty franchise has failed to do before – Repeatability in the campaign mode.

Black Ops 3 will be a popular choice for gamers come release time, and if the promising early signs come to fruition, COD fans will have a competitor for Black Ops 2.

4) Mad Max – Sep 1

mad max PS4
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, with open expanses and filled with people trying to take away everything you own, Mad Max looks set to be one of the surprise packets of 2015. Like most post apocalyptic games, ammo will be scarce, and upgrading your character is sure to be an important part of the game. Originally, I heard this game was going to be a driving game, but game-play trailers have left me wanting more of this action packed and dangerous world.

Players will start with a group of villains stripping them of everything they own, and will be forced to build a car (the Magnum Opas) from scratch, scavenging for parts, in order to travel the world and avenge themselves. This vehicle will be upgradeable throughout the game, as will your character, which will be the main form of transportation. Players will have the choice to play silently or aggressively, and relationships will help play a large part in your search for revenge, for example – players will have the chance to strike a deal, that will provide them with ammo throughout the game. Graphics look top class with the team at Avalanche using the full power of the PS4 to deliver a game with picturesque landscapes, Mad Max gamers will find hours of fun in this post apocalyptic world.

3) No Man’s Sky – TBD 2015

No Man’s Sky
This title from Hello Games has all the makings of a game changer, open ended gameplay with no restrictions and no pre-determined outcomes. No Man’s Sky really is a blank canvas for gamers to create their own experiences. While the vast expanses of space may be a turn off for those players who prefer multiplayer gameplay, the style of this game should allow players to get lost in their own universe.

Initial gameplay looks to have top class graphics, and the idea of adventuring through space on your journey of discovery is an intriguing concept that has never reached its full potential. Unlike other Mine Craft like exploration adventures, No Man’s Sky gives you an entire galaxy (via your spaceship, yea that’s right! a space ship) to explore with randomised planets and life forms. Coupled With the next-gen capabilities of the PS4, gamers should be excited to see what the team at Hello Games can create. While the lack of interaction may get old for some – what’s exciting is the ability to explore a world, which by its very creation, will be completely different from the next player; no two journeys will be alike and the lack of multiplayer interaction in such an expansive universe will be a welcome reprieve. My inner explorer and adventurer are yearning to come out and this is what is drawing me into No Man’s Sky. I can’t wait to go where no gamer has gone before, this title has the chance to revolutionise gaming experiences of the future.

2) Batman Arkham Knights – June 23

Batman Arkham Knights
Batman and comic book fans alike rejoice. The much awaited Arkham Knights game looks set to ease the cravings of a next-gen Super hero title, although it was set to be released last year, and has just been put back again. Team-up combo’s, the Bat Mobile (which looks absolutely stunning), cape- flying and countless villains await players, as they try to clean up the streets of Gotham City. The rugged and tough personality of Batman has in no way carried over into the gameplay, with beautiful graphics, cut scenes and mechanics looking as smooth as you could ask for. From the snippets of gameplay I’ve seen, the developers have stayed true to the feel of the comics and movies. with Gotham City a dreary and intense war zone, filled with villains for players to beat up on with the countless gadgets at their disposal. Arkham Knights appears to use the full capabilities on offer with the PS4, and promises to be one of the games of the year. Did I mention that the bat mobile looks absolutely awesome?

No doubt, the wait has been worth it, although if the rumours are true, gamers will be forking out close to $100 for the rights to the whole game. It would be no surprise to see this as game of the year!

1) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – May 19

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
This is the big one! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has the chance to, in my opinion, be the game of the year. At 1080p with 30 fps, TW3: WH appears to be at the cutting edge of gameplay graphics for the PS4. For those familiar with this franchise, Geralt’s (main character) quest for his long lost love Yennefer, has been a stable and fascinating story arc, which creates a meaning to even the most meaningless of side quests. For those unfamiliar, this game will still allow players to immerse themselves into a world of political feuds, social gripes and ghastly monsters. Witcher 3 promises to give so much, whether you’re new to the game, or feel your knowledge of this world is unsurpassable, with a huge map, that unlike other large scale games doesn’t feel empty. Everything from the smallest towns to the largest mountains has a story, and a reason for being there.

Every player experience will be different, depending on the type you want to be, you’re in control and decisions made in the smallest of cut scenes could come back to haunt you on the grandest of scales and that’s the beauty of the Witcher series. While Witcher 2 was ruthless to those that didn’t know the story or lore behind the game, this time around Wild Hunt looks to enable new players too move at a slower pace and focus on exploring and understanding the majestic nature of the game. Like I said above, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt looks set to deliver a GOTY experience.

Special Mentions

Legend of Kay Remastered

Legend of Kay Remastered
The story of Kay involves a cat who is a special martial artist who strives to free his people from the gorillas and rats who have taken it over. This classic from the PS2 is getting a refresh, and could be another gem of a game this year. The original PS2 game was both fun and exciting, this game is definitely family friendly, and one especially for children to enjoy. While the Ds version was poorly received, I’m hoping a revamped PS4 version will help bring this franchise back into the limelight.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

One quick watch of the reveal trailer and you’ll quickly notice that Rainbow Six Siege involves both SWAT themed gameplay within an interactive environment. The trailer left viewers wanting more, and who could blame them. What will the game involve? It’s all about heavily armed criminals in a strong hold with the ability to place barriers and other deterrents, while the SWAT team must use breaching explosives and tactics to advance.

After all, putting a hole in a wall in order to move forward, or seeing wood fly out in every direction, should get even the most novice of gamers excited.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 PS4
Zombies are the hottest thing in the industry right now, and after Dying Light, gamers will be expecting big things from Dead Island 2.

The setting is a little different this time around; instead of an island, you’re in the streets of LA, and other major cities in California, as you fight for survival, shanking and crushing the skulls of zombies. The storyline has changed too: you’re on your own, you get to decide who to help, whether to do a randomly generated quest or crush the skulls of countless zombies.

Well there you have it, 10 of the most highly anticipated PS4 games for the rest of 2015, we are in for a treat and the decision of which games to buy will be a tough one: Especially those that release on the same date. Hopefully this list will make your choice a little easier come release date. You should also check out: 5 Awesome Games That Are Coming to PS4 Soon – which takes a look at some big titles incoming very soon.

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