11 Upcoming PS4 Games That Will Look Stunning on the PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is an exciting piece of hardware considering the fact that it allows PS4 games to run in 4K resolution. Past games like Uncharted 4 have been optimized for the PS4 Pro hardware, but the real excitement is the future titles which will come with PS4 Pro support right out of the gate.



Horizon: Zero Dawn


This original IP from Guerrilla Games (Killzone franchise) looks simply amazing. The premise is totally unique; it takes dinosaurs and robots and puts them together to create something we’ve never seen before- basically, you’re a tribal warrior armed with a bow pitted against robotic dinosaur-like creatures which you must either kill or hack in order to ensure your survival and learn what happened to the earth as we know it. The whole game takes place in a seamless open world, which is where the PS4 Pro really shines- draw distances are a thing of the past, as you can stand on a high point and clearly see the world around you without the game hiding a single robo-dino, collectible or point of interest, no matter how far in the distance they may be.

Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs 2 takes place in San Francisco, a city which is stunningly vibrant and colorful when the sun is out. The game captures that atmosphere perfectly, and the developers put so much detail into the world that it’s hard not to stop and take in every sight. This makes WD2 a perfect candidate for the PS4 Pro treatment. When you factor in the fast-paced action that you’ll be diving into, the frame rate boost that the Pro provides will be welcome as well.

Spider-Man PS4


Now that Spider-Man is all the rage again, the web-slinger’s PS4 adventure is one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the near future. While the game doesn’t coincide with the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spidey, it’s looking to be an interpretation of the character that’s just as exciting as the one we were presented with in Captain America: Civil War. The open-world version of Manhattan looks amazing on the PS4 Pro, as you can make out details that simply aren’t there on any other console version of the game. Swinging at top speed through the streets of New York has never felt like this before.

For Honor


The premise for this game is amazing. It basically answers the question “If you took a Viking, Knight and Samurai and pitted them against each other, who would win?” That’s right, you can take control of any of these three historic warriors and engage in massive battles against either of the other two, and it both looks and feels amazing. Melee has always been a hard thing to master in a video game, but For Honor gets it right using both novel and tried-and-true control schemes. The framerate advantages offered by the PS4 Pro are integral to the experience, as every minuscule action and reaction matters in a game like this.

Mafia III


One of the best-looking open world games coming to the PS4 in the near-future, Mafia III promises to be an exhilarating experience from start to finish. Taking place in a fictionalized version of New Orleans in the late 60s, the game allows you take control of a black gangster and Vietnam War vet who is looking to take back the city from the control of rival gangs. It’s going to be incredible on the PS4 Pro as so much of Mafia is about atmosphere, and the hardware of the new console will have you practically feeling the glow of the lights in the French Quarter and breathing in the fog of the bayou.

Battlefield 1


The beta has come and gone, but the hype is still real for BF1. Taking the franchise (and really gaming in general) to a whole new era, Battlefield 1 takes place in World War One, and it does the time period justice by throwing you- in true Battlefield style- in a visceral version of war where both the visuals and sound combine to immerse you like no other game can. That’s why this game is going to be so good on PS4 Pro, as the already-amazing graphics are going to be taken up another notch to levels that are simply going to leave you staring wide-eyed at the screen instead of playing the game.

Final Fantasy XV


The Final Fantasy series has always been known for pushing the graphical limits of the system that it’s released on, and XV is no different. The game has been in development for ten years, and every second of that time looks like it was well-spent. The open-world adventure is classified as an action RPG, and it takes place in a fictionalized version of the modern world. Screenshots and videos of the game look incredible, and the PS4 Pro will only take these to another level, making this already-gorgeous title even more stunning than before.

Dishonored 2


Dishonored 2 is a very visual experience. From start to finish, you’re adventuring through atmospheric environments where everything from the architecture to the light combines to truly immerse you in the world. As you would imagine, then, graphics are necessary to complete the experience. The PS4 Pro is going to be the perfect system to play Dishonored 2 on simply for the fact that it will let you enjoy the game the way that it was meant to be played.

The Last Guardian


Team Ico (Shadow of the Colossus) is known for making games that are really more like works of art, and The Last Guardian is no different. The visuals are just as important as the narrative when it comes to the story (and oftentimes moreso), and the game will undoubtedly be best when played on a giant 4K TV using a PS4 Pro. The timing of The Last Guardian couldn’t be more perfect- it’s been in development for nine years, and is releasing just in time for the PS4 Pro release.

GT Sport


It remains the elite car-racing-simulator franchise that any true fan of the genre follows. GT Sport doesn’t just look stunning and jaw dropping, it’s the game many fans are excited and thrilled about – perhaps this is why it was recently delayed until 2017. Of course, this attracts disappointment, however, Sony want this to be the ultimate experience from which you wont find else where – this will be the driving sim that extends the series glory. When used with the PS4 Pro, GT Sport is expected to provide an illusion, also known as photo-realism – in other words, you’ll find it hard to identify the difference between the two.

The PS4 is entering 4th gear, accelerating into an even more exciting future that will involve more options to fans and newcomers alike – specifically, games. With that said, which titles are you dreaming about within the domain of 4K? I’m sure it’s an endless list, after all, just take one look at the upcoming titles coming to PS4.

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