Top 5 “Rumored” PS4 Games for 2014 & Beyond

This year is set to bring both excitement and shock announcements. While it’s most certainly always a good idea to focus on confirmed game releases and informational tidbits, it’s also sometimes fun to engage in speculation.  Every year, certain rumors always seem to emerge surrounding certain specific game releases (on whatever console(s) happens to be in production at the time) and currently, the PS4 appears to be one of the main breeding grounds for gaming gossip.   Perhaps this is due to the fact that we’ve yet to see any truly revolutionary titles released for it as of yet – you know, the kind that define the console and help bolster sales.   What’s currently available is certainly good, but we’re after elusive news concerning games which might ignite a new feeding frenzy among PlayStation 4 gamers.  Here are some of the juiciest rumors we’ve caught wind of recently…

gta v


While Rockstar Games made it abundantly clear that they weren’t interesting in pursuing any sort of PS4 / Xbox ONE release of their newest title, “Grand Theft Auto V”, it appears that they might bring it to next-gen consoles after all, according to certain sources.  The rumor surrounding this particular bit of news hinges on reports from, and their propensity for forwarding news concerning upcoming releases across multiple platforms is well-known.  However, it should be pointed out that they have been wrong before.  For instance, Amazon has previously stated that certain titles would be coming to PC, which turned out to be little more than empty fanfare.

Let’s not count them out just yet, after all, according to published reports; they appear to be waiting for a January 2014 update from industry sources before confirming that GTA V is actually coming to the PS4.  The simple fact of the matter is that it doesn’t even make logical sense to resign GTA V to 7th generation consoles when there are literally millions of 8th gen console owners who are desperately vying for it.  Regardless, it’s pretty obvious that they could greatly expand their popularity by brining the title to the PlayStation 4 (look for an official announcement or denial sometime this month).

Assassin’s Creed 5

Assassin’s Creed 5

With Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag still fresh on everyone’s minds, the idea of Ubisoft actually pushing forward so soon with another installment seems both unlikely as well as intensely exciting.  Nevertheless, rumors persist that we are likely to see some announcement of the next AC game in 2014, it being perhaps a next-gen exclusive.  Currently, we have absolutely no idea what settings or concepts this game might entail, but we’ve heard everything from ancient Egypt or China and beyond.  Given the fact that Asiatic regions have been more or less entirely neglected by the series, it would only make sense to place a new title in some specialized area – perhaps some of the areas containing ancient and mysterious structures in Nepal, China or Thailand?  Naturally, this is all pure speculation, but the allure of yet another excellent AC title cannot be overstated.  Some have even went as far to say that we might see the next Assassin’s Creed game dropping IN 2014, which seems nearly too good to be true.  Nevertheless, according to sources, the entire series is staring down the barrel of a complete redesign of sorts, meaning that Ubisoft wasn’t entirely satisfied with the (incredible) features that they added with Black Flag.  Moreover, there’s also talk of a somewhat “smaller”, perhaps last-gen AC game that’s slated to be released in 2014 as well.

black flag ps4

A “Black Flag” Spin-off

Speaking of Black Flag, it’s also been rumored that someone is working on an entire spin-off series which focuses on the type of open-world, naval-themed combat introduced in ACIV: Black Flag.  Without a doubt, Black Flag is perhaps one of, if not THE greatest pirate-themed video games to ever hit store shelves, so it should come as no surprise that developers and publishers are eager to explore what the concept has to offer.  One can imagine a myriad of possibilities here.  Of course this certainly wouldn’t be a game released in 2014, but an announcement is certainly possible.

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 7

Even though Gran Turismo 6 has been released and seems to be doing well (or perhaps performing in a lackluster fashion, depending on who you talk to), the rumors of a 7th installment for the series still abound.  Some are claiming that the game will in fact be released late in 2014, while others are adamant in pointing out that statements from the game’s developer indicated a 2015 release.  In either case, the game itself is said to be a truly next-gen racing experience which will capitalize on all the perks and gameplay developments explored in the titles leading up to its release (internally and externally).  Another thing that’s been discussed concerns the release of GT7 alongside some sort of PS4 console price drop, so when you begin to hear indications that Sony’s new console is becoming more affordable, expect some news on the Gran Turismo front.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

As a long-time and well known platforming franchise with a distinct history with Sony, the Crash Bandicoot series is due for another release (especially if it wants to remain alive and relevant).  Fans might have something to celebrate in 2014 if the rumors are true; as Activision has stated multiple times that they aren’t going to sell the franchise and are looking for new ways to revive it on a next-generation console.  Given that CB has a ton of very loyal and intensely interested followers, it would only make sense that the game’s developers would put some effort into creating a new game for the PS4, especially in light of all the interesting platforming titles which have descended upon the new console recently.

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