1TB PS4 Model Announced by Sony

Whilst it might not be the PS4 Slim, it’s yet another step in the right direction. Sony’s E3 event was too jam packed with game announcements for the 1TB PS4 Model to even get a mention, however, it was today announced. It was highly expected to happen, and now it has. Its model is called the CUH-1200.

PS4 Ultimate Player Edition
A second PS4 bundle was also announced which will appeal if you’re a fan of green energy, you’ll be pleased to learn that this new model will use around 8% less power, making your electric bill just that little bit cheaper. The weight of the console will also be 10% lighter.

The new 1TB model, named The Ultimate Player 1TB Edition, will first appear in Japan, expected this June. It will then later appear on shelves in other regions, expected in the UK this July.

This is yet another great announcement from Sony and is sure to please the majority of PS4 gamers.


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