2015: Why the PS4 Remains the Best Console

History tells you that the console market is extremely competitive and turbulent – you don’t need SEGA to tell you that. With over 22 million PS4s sold to-date, you can’t help but feel as though Sony have the best ingredients this time around. When a console is ready to launch, you have nothing more than anticipation and hopes that your decided console will deliver the product that you invested both your interest and money into.


Whilst it shouldn’t be confused with politics, and whilst similar in many ways, it was late 2013 when gamers had the opportunity to select between the two most recent offerings: PS4 and XBOX One. Both companies produced a fine presentation, giving you many reasons as to why you should choose either option.

We aren’t even 2 years in, yet we are beginning to see why the PS4 has matured and blossomed into the obvious console of choice. It was always hard to believe that Sony would deliver an underperforming console, after all, they’ve been in the console market since 1994.

PS4 -

For the balanced gamer, once Sony announced that they’d be offering a better performing, slimmer and initially cheaper machine, it became the obvious choice for many, it became a no-brainer.

The idea that Sony had the more powerful console at a cheaper price all became meaningless unless the PS4 could offer a great catalogue of games. If Sony’s closest competitor could offer amazing exclusives that you couldn’t find elsewhere, that’s when owning a more powerful console would become pointless.

Sony’s PlayStation slogan is basically defined as #ForThePlayers, and time has proven, so far, that Sony are keeping this promise: wanting to offer the best gaming opportunities to their loyal fans.

The fact of the matter is, if you’ve invested in a PS4, then you are likely pleased you went that route. After all, the PS4 has a larger catalogue of 1080p titles than any other console released within the last 10 years. Whilst a few might have doubted that Sony would offer the best games, it’s now become obvious that the PS4 is delivering on all fronts, including the most important factor: games.


Whilst we are still early within the PS4 journey, we’ve got VR headsets to add to the mix soon, which could further advance the experience for PS4 gamers. With loads of upcoming PS4 exclusives, including Gran Turismo 7, Sony has cemented the foundations for a fantastic future for the PlayStation 4 and 8th gen gaming.

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