3 Luxury TVs that Pair Perfectly with a PS4

It’s your dream to have the ultimate gaming experience. You want the TV you connect to your console to be able to showcase the PS4’s true power and superb graphics. So which TVs work beautifully with your PS4 and give you that feeling of ultimate luxury that you crave? Here are three models that embody the best of gaming TV screens today.

A Note About 4K

As you shop for high-end TVs, you’ll encounter the terms “4K” and “Ultra HD.” These designations both indicate a screen with far more pixels that a 1080p high-definition TV. A full HDTV has 1920×1080 pixels, and a 4K or UHD TV has 3840×2160 pixels. That means incredible picture clarity and a seamless image.

Keep in mind that the content available for 4K resolution is still limited. Your PS4 isn’t built to take full advantage of the 4K TV, and only specific movies and TV shows are designed for Ultra HD. However, that doesn’t mean you should scratch 4K UHD off the list. It’s the next big thing, and if you buy one now, chances are you’ll be ready to go when the next-generation console comes from Sony. Plus, your current PS4 games should look amazing on one of these massive, beautiful screens.

Samsung JU6400

Samsung JU6400

The Samsung JU6400 is a flat-screen, Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV. With this unit, you’re getting unbelievable detail, especially if you go big with a 55-inch, 60-inch, or 65-inch TV. The unit also comes in 40-inch and 48-inch models, if that size fits better in your space.

With the Samsung JU6400, you’ll get the benefit of a “smart” TV, which includes contrast enhancement that your TV can adjust for various objects and sections of the screen to create an almost 3D appearance. The TV can also identify when a device is near it so that you can quickly and easily play content from your device on the big screen.

For gamers, the response time is key. It’s just 6.8 milliseconds for the Samsung JU6400, and the TV has an input lag of 26.4ms. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for gaming.

Samsung JU7500

Samsung JU7500

Have you seen the new curved TVs? They make your gaming and movie-watching experience feel much more immersive. You’ll get that immersive quality along with stunning 4K resolution when you purchase the Samsung JU7500 Curved 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV in the 78-inch size. Granted, you’ll drop several thousand dollars to score one of these beauties; but if you can make it work with your budget, you won’t be sorry. This massive screen boasts an input lag of just 21.1ms and a response time of 8.9ms.

LG EG9600

LG EG9600

If you’re looking for something that’s not quite so enormous and a few thousand dollars cheaper, try the LG EG9600 in the 55-inch or 65-inch size. It’s a curved, Ultra HD Smart OLED TV that runs webOS 2.0 and includes Magic Remote. Dramatic color contrasts, amazing brightness, and crisp clarity make the investment well worth it. Plus, you’ll get a response time of 0.3ms, along with a decent input lag of 50.1ms.

Any of these TVs will make your PS4 games look incredible, especially if you choose games that are well-known for their stunning graphics. If you’re looking for luxury, remember to find a Smart TV with all the connections and features that you enjoy. You need to look for low lag time and fast refresh rates, along with the high resolution and large screen size that helps you truly immerse yourself in the games that you love.

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