3 Predictions for PS4 This E3

E3 is just around the corner, and with that said, everyone is coming up with their own predictions of what may be revealed this June. That’s so we can get excited about what to spend our holiday money on this winter.  So without further ado let’s get on to my 3 predictions for PS4 this E3…

Silent Hills Will Return

Back in April the game Silent Hills was cancelled by its publisher, Konami, two months ago.  Shortly after which its demo, also known as P.T. was pulled from the PlayStation store.  The game was being led by Game Designer Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear Solid series, as well as Film Director, Guillermo del Toro, so it’s understandable that this anticipated project was a big disappointment to many when it was cancelled.  But could this E3 see its return?

Silent Hills -

Rumor has it that Konami may be seeking a purchaser of the possible franchise.  At the end of April the playable demo, P.T., was removed from the PlayStation store and towards the beginning of May it was made clear that even if you had downloaded the game before and added it to your library, there was simply no way to re-download the game.  But why go so far as to remove a demo? There have been plenty of games in the works that were later cancelled but their demos were left alone.  Konami though, may no longer be interested in console games.

Unlike Western companies like EA or Activision who focus on a specific market Konami is invested in multiple markets, from gambling to real estate.  It seems that margin wise, gambling and mobile games seem to be the better bet as far as Konami is concerned.  Why get double your money back off a console game when you can get five times your money off a mobile game?  Konami even said themselves in a public announcement that mobile is the future of games so it makes sense that if they can’t take franchises they own and move them over to the mobile market, it’s best to sell them off and let someone else take the risk of console gaming.

Gamers may be upset that Konami, a once beloved game company, may be changing who they are and abandoning their original audience, but as far as a business move goes it may not be such a bad move.  Whether or not they’re making console games anymore is yet to be seen.  The question is however, if they’re not going to make Silent Hills, who is and will that news be revealed this E3?

Fallout 4 Gameplay

Fallout 4

Releasing a trailer for Fallout 4 just two weeks before E3 took everyone by surprise.  We all expected that to be the reason why Bethesda was holding their own press conference this year, but most of us expected that the trailer would be shown at the actual conference not two weeks before.  So why show the trailer now?  Could they have done it out of fear of a leak?  It’s possible but very unlikely, considering that they did a 24 hour countdown before releasing the video.  Not to mention the fact they’ve managed to keep a very large team silent for nearly four years now.  To let it leak right before the big announcement is a little hard to imagine.  Their actions so far are hinting at at least a gameplay presentation in front of a live audience if not a playable demo on the showroom floor.

The Last Guardian Isn’t Dead

The Last Guardian PS4

Announced way back in 2009, The Last Guardian was meant to be the next title by Game Designer, Fumito Ueda, the designer behind “Shadow of the Colossus” and “Ico” on the PS2.  The game was meant to be released on PS3 but push back after pushback it seemed the game was never to be.  However, recent actions made by Sony such as filling for a new trademark for the title, suggest it may be still in the works.  This time for the PS4.  Will this elusive title ever be finished?  Perhaps we will see at this E3.

Dakota Barrett

Dakota Barrett is an indie game developer with a focus on writing and design.

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