5 Best PS4 Games with Casino Features

The PlayStation 4 is home to some of the best video games on the market. They sometimes feature a few casino elements. Whether you are looking to play a quick round of poker or hit the slots, you can easily do that from your console at home. There are different games out there for everyone. It always has something to offer gambling fans, from realistic simulations to fantasy-themed titles at casinotop.co.nz. In this article, we will be exploring the best PlayStation 4 entries with a casino game. We are going to highlight the overall fun factor of each title. The funny thing is that we enjoy some games without paying much attention to them. Here is the list of 5 PS4 titles with a touch of casino elements that some of us don’t even notice.

Grand Theft Auto Online

This is the online multiplayer version of the popular title Grand Theft Auto V. It includes various elements that gamblers would love. The most prominent of these is the Diamond Casino & Resort. The place is located in Vinewood and serves as the centerpiece of the game’s activity.

It gives out a realistic casino experience: lucky wheel, casino, and roulette tables. Also, you can find a huge number of thematic slot machines, especially for players who like to test their luck in Mega Moolah and have a huge experience in casino games.

People can also participate in high-stakes activities in private VIP rooms. You can compete against other huge spenders for even bigger payouts.

There are other casino-related activities and features. You can try illegal betting, wager on street races, or participate in unauthorized activities. Some missions involve breaking into casinos or stealing from them. Purchase various related items, such as chips and themed clothing for your character. This provides a unique adventure and a great way to engage with different activities and challenges.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a western-themed action-adventure game set in the late 1800s. It was developed and published by Rockstar Games for the PlayStation 4. As you dive inside, you will find a wide range of gambling elements that will make you feel like you have a real encounter. Players can visit various casinos hidden like the secrets of Mega Moolah in the game’s open world. They can participate in a variety of games, including five-finger fillets. You can bet and earn in-game cash while playing. They also feature many non-player characters that you can engage with.

In addition, there are other sporting entertainments like arm wrestling and slot machines. You can also use the entertainment joints to launder money by exchanging what you have stolen for legitimate cash. Overall, these casino elements add extra excitement to the game. They also provide you with an opportunity to earn or lose your virtual money.

Pure Hold’Em

This is another great video game that simulates the popular Texas Hold’em variant of poker. It includes various features inspired by the casino. These include tournaments, cash games, and leaderboards. It has various poker tables with different buy-ins for people of all skill levels. You will also find customizable avatars, card designs, and chips. In addition to poker, there are other entries like blackjack and slot machines.

You can earn virtual currency to purchase new avatars and enjoy other customization options. This game, Pure Hold’Em, also has a tutorial mode for newcomers and advanced strategies for experienced players. Use the VIP system to earn exclusive items and bonuses when you play frequently. With this, you will always have a satisfying feeling.

Prominence Poker

From the name itself, you can already know what the title is about. This was inspired by casinos as well. It includes a range of poker rooms with different buy-ins and skill levels. This allows you to challenge yourself and show your prowess against others. It has a story mode where players have to rise through the city’s underworld ranks. Your objective will be to win at various tables and climb the leaderboard.

As you progress, you will unlock new poker rooms and casino locations in PS4. You will also gain access to exclusive high-stakes activities. If you are a fan of slot machines or roulette, this game got your back. You can earn virtual currency by participating in them. There is also a VIP system that will reward you with various bonuses if you become a regular. The title offers an authentic and engaging ordeal with a strong focus on poker. This provides an immersive gaming adventure.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

This is a great video game developed by Digital Leisure Inc. It provides a virtual casino adventure where you can engage in various activities like bingo. People can enjoy features like tournaments, leaderboards, and VIP systems. One of its unique properties is the social aspect. You can interact and play with your friends in real time, chat, and engage in other social activities.

It also offers a customization system where you can personalize your avatars and buy various items. You will have daily challenges and quests you can complete for currency, rewards, and experience points. The Four Kings Casino and Slots offers a variety of games with a strong focus on social interaction. You will also notice a sense of progression with the customization system and daily challenges. It aims to provide a great adventure to those who want to feel the thrill of casino events in a social and customizable environment.


These games offer a wide range of casino-inspired features. They provide outstanding entertainment. These titles are a great way to spend your leisure time with enjoyable elements like tournaments, leaderboards, social interactions, and cash games. You will always feel engaged and motivated by additional features like daily challenges and VIP systems. The combination provides an enjoyable casino encounter for those who want to feel the thrill and excitement of gambling from the comfort of their own home.

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