5 little-known PS4 features

With the impending release of the PS4 now only months away it’s safe to say that many console gamers already know a lot about what Sony’s next-gen machine can do.  However, there are a number of things which you likely don’t know about the PS4.  Sure, you could just wait and discover these things for yourself, but where’s the fun in that, right?   Moreover, if you’re already pent up in anticipation of this most momentous release, then perhaps a little more insight into the way the console functions will help to quell your restless mind.

#1  Additional processing threads

Simply put, what makes the PS4 such an advancement, in terms of its capabilities (aside from elegantly handling games which require demanding settings) is its capacity to handle multiple tasks at the same time.  This disposition toward the simultaneous comes courtesy of additional chips which handle things like background processes allowing you to open multiple things with no significant deterioration in terms of performance.

#2 Some traditional controller components have been upgraded

For those that really love the feel and setup of the dual shock (and let’s be honest here, who doesn’t? ), you should be happy to note that the buttons, have been digitized in order to reduce lag.  The net effect of this addition is that you immediately feel that everything’s much smoother and responsive.

#3 The thumb / analog sticks are friendlier

If you’ve ever been involved in either intense multiplayer gaming for hours (or perhaps finding yourself becoming heavily invested in a particular game’s single player campaign) you already know about the dreaded “slippery thumbs syndrome’, right?  Well, Sony might just have fixed this problem once and for all with the new PS4 controller.  In short, the tops have been strategically hollowed-out a bit, which makes it easier to maintain control when things get messy or perhaps when it comes time to execute some precise, tricky maneuvers.

#4 There will be a small headset included, apparently…

Whether you’re curious as to why Sony has included a high-quality gaming earbud with its flagship gaming platform or you’re just happy to receive yet another product, you have to admit – it does raise some questions.  We all know that the PS4 is poised to be not just a gaming station, but also a communications and entertainment platform, so we know that interaction is a given.   Perhaps this is just a nice gesture for Sony fans who want to get started right away after an un-boxing, rather than having to hunt down a headset later?

#5 Charging the Dualshock will be more intuitive

You know how it is with wireless controllers, eventually, you run into problems when it comes to recharging.  One of the more useful features of the PS4 is its ability to charge peripherals via USB (I know, not really anything new, but) this time, you can charge them up even when the unit is in sleep mode.

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