Top 5 Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Games

While it’s certainly true that action, adventure and excitement aren’t everything when it comes to video games, but let’s be honest, it certainly doesn’t hurt sales, does it?  With the release of a powerful new console mere months away, most gamers have but one thing on their collective minds at this point, picking out the best introductory PS4 title(s).  Aside from the obvious reason of simply wanting to get the most “bang for your buck” as they say, gamers must also consider that their choice(s) will serve as their primary introduction to the PS4 itself.  After all, it’s very likely that the PS4 will be around for quite a while (especially when we consider the lifespan of the PS3 by comparison, pure speculation on our part though, we admit it).

The bottom line is that you want your inauguration into the PS4 experience to be both memorable as well as gratifying from a consumer’s perspective, right?  Not to worry, there are a number of truly dynamite titles hitting the store shelves right around the time that the PS4 itself is to be released (naturally).  The following list covers what are perhaps the 5 most exciting and highly anticipated games to consider purchasing when it comes time to decide.  Each one of them tackles some pretty unique territory, however there’s one thing which unifies them all and that’s their decidedly open-world settings.  Obviously some are a bit more open than others too.  Regardless, each of the following titles will keep you busy for weeks if not months, while at the same time, impressing you with their design and overall ingenuity…

Watch Dogs

Sitting atop our list is “Watch Dogs”, which is certainly one of the more highly anticipated titles on the list.  What makes this game such a good pick is the fact that it is both a stunning achievement in terms of its graphical prowess as well as the GTA-like manner in which you can interact with its bustling open-world city environment.  But don’t get the wrong idea; this isn’t your run-of-the-mill sandbox we’re talking about here.  Instead, Watch Dogs will push the boundaries of what many though was practical in terms of interactive video game design.  In other words, you’ll have so much freedom within the game, not to mention a host of activities, that it will likely boggle the minds of many gamers. Read: Watch Dogs Game Preview.

Watch Dogs ps4

inFAMOUS:  Second Son

The inFamous series is synonymous with Sony and the PlayStation empire, so another installment is almost a given at this point.  Aside from being well-known for its larger-than-life action / adventure style, the inFamous franchise is also identified as being one of the better 3rd person shooter games out there.  Needless to say, “Second Son” is the 3rd entry into the series and is poised to pick up right where inFamous 2 left off.  As expected, there will also be a number of upgrades including those related directly to gameplay as well as graphics.  In short, get ready for some insane parkour, wall-jumping jumping action amid exotic locations. See: inFamous: Second Son screenshots.

inFAMOUS Second Son ps4

Assassin’s Creed IV:  Black Flag

The Assassin’s Creed series has done an admirable job of both maintaining a dedicated fan base as well as staying true to the gameplay concepts they introduced (and slowly developed over the course of the series).  The highly complex and convoluted story which they’ve woven together throughout each title is very intriguing and certainly exciting, to say the least.  However, the upcoming 4th installment, “Black Flag” might very well be their best effort yet.  Aside from introducing the new AnvilNext engine (which will really show of the PS4’s visual capabilities), AC IV is also going to be one of the first major modern games to deliver what one might call an authentic pirate-themed experience.  This essentially means that gamers will soon be sailing the high-seas and randomly plundering unsuspecting ships in addition to filling in the gaps of the overarching Assassin’s Creed storyline.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag ps4

Final Fantasy XV

What would the addition of a new truly next-gen console like the PS4 mean without a new Final Fantasy title to go along with it?  Since the days of the original PSX, the Final Fantasy series has been there to charm and ensnare millions of dedicated RPG fans.  FFXV is going to push the envelope though, with what has been described as more freedom and interactivity within an open world environment.  There’s also a highly involved storyline to keep you intrigued, as well as the expected graphical upgrades and amazing (yet conventionally fulfilling) gameplay to get excited about.  Dedicated fans of the franchise will probably be most keyed up about the new (or perhaps adapted) battle system which is to be employed (which as been described as a sort of more realistic version of the one seen in the Kingdom Hearts series). See: Final Fantasy XV trailer.

Final Fantasy XV ps4


Last, but certainly not least, we have “Destiny” which is by all accounts an incredibly impressive and promising hybrid of several different gaming genres.  For instance, this is definitely going to be a space-faring action / adventure title that is truly open world (or perhaps open galaxy in this case).  But “Destiny” is also going to introduce some MMORPG elements to the mix as well, albeit not in the rather traditional manner which fans of that setting might be acclimatized to.  Developer Bungie has put a lot of effort into this game so that it might draw players into a type of environment which feels much more dynamic and alive than they might expect.  In fact, they’ve even stated that the nature of the game’s design is such that it’s possible that a lot of events won’t even be planned or directly orchestrated by them.  It’s an interesting proposition – being able to explore what is essentially a post-apocalyptic space civilization, delivered alongside absolutely stunning graphics too (of course).  Given the number of things that this title has going for it, it’s no wonder that many think that it might very well end up being one of the most memorable releases for the PS4.  However, don’t expect to see it released in tandem with the PS4 itself though, as “Destiny” is scheduled to go to market some time in 2014.

Destiny ps4

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