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The open world genre just got a whole lot more interesting…  “Watch Dogs” essentially places you in a slightly futuristic Chicago where surveillance and violence are the order of the day.  Not the kind of place you’d really want to visit in real life perhaps, but it makes for an awesome video game environment.  As this game is going to be optimized for the PS4 and Xbox One (it’s going to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and as Wii U as well), you can expect the developers to take full advantage of the new platform, in terms of both graphics and new gameplay possibilities.

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Perhaps the most stunning thing about “Watch Dogs”, aside from its stellar visuals, is the incredible amount of interactivity its game environment allows for.  Seriously, you can do some things in this game which have never been possible before, including hacking nearly everything you can imagine.  Put all of this together into a package that is basically an amalgamation of every winning feature from all of the most well-known and loved open world titles (think GTA, RDR, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, etc…) and you have a game that grants you with seemingly limitless potentials.  In all honesty, this upcoming title from Ubisoft might very well be one of the most freeing experiences that we have ever had as gamers.

Moreover, “Watch Dogs” will certainly excite those who are fans of games involving a lot of stealth-based activities and actions (somewhat akin to that of the Splinter Cell series, for example).  In fact, part of the appeal of this game is that you’re constantly moving between positions of relative stealth and action / violence.  At this point in its development, it would seem that what makes it work well is its A.I., which doesn’t appear to randomly switch over to “omnipresence mode” when any type of event takes place.  In other words, if someone doesn’t see you doing something, they probably aren’t going to assume that you’re a threat.


There are a dizzying number of stores and shops you can enter and trade in, as well as various structures and landmarks to visit.  The truth is, you’ve never played a game that’s this large, contained as much detail, and offered you with such an amazingly wide range of activities to engage in.  In short, this is the type of title that you can easily get lost inside of, perhaps for months on end.  Let’s just hope that the main plot delivers an interesting experience; if they accomplish this, then “Watch Dogs” might even become something of a household name.

“Watch Dogs” looks absolutely amazing and is due to hit store shelves this November.

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