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Whether you love or hate the FIFA series (and let’s be honest, a large majority of individuals absolutely ADORE IT) you have to admit, they’re clearly a major “torchbearer” when it comes to sports titles.  For what seems like ages now, gamers have been digging into the FIFA franchise with gusto, savoring every single moment of on screen action and applauding every change in its gradual evolution.  Speaking of which, that’s what has really made FIFA such a wonderful series, EA has had the foresight to build upon its previous incarnations and give gamers more of what they want, stellar gameplay.  After all, why spend millions to develop a platform or gameplay infrastructure only to abandon it almost immediately, when you can use it as a blueprint for something bigger and better?

FIFA 14-

At any rate, FIFA 14 is exactly what gamers have been waiting for, apparently.  As always, each new annual FIFA release tends to come with updated visuals, and “14” is no exception.  The “Ignite” engine provides the sort of graphics that will only be truly appreciated on a nex-gen console (PS4, Xbox One) or a high-end PC.

However, what really makes FIFA 14 such an interesting and worthwhile game are its updated control systems and ball physics.  In short, this game is attempting to more the realism notch just a bit more forward so as to allow players to engage in the type of play they see their football idols use.  While it’s not quite at the point yet where you we have dead-on realism, we’re getting pretty close it would seem.  The typical drama and action associated with a casual drive down the field toward the goal is where you’ll begin to immediately notice some changes.  Now, there seems to be a much deeper level of achievement associated with scoring, perhaps more than in previous FIFA incarnations.  Instead of defenders simply waffling around in the midfield they’re more active and make more calculated moves, which only serves to make the game more competitive and interesting at the end of the day.

Physics have played a critical role in the last few FIFA titles and this latest installment is certainly no exception either.  Momentum is something to consider in “14”, where your players will be subject to more realistic gravity-based physics which you will need to account for while punching toward the goal or making a pass.  The first-touch control system will also be returning, this time updated with new features.  Once again, the overall skill level of your individual players will factor into their ball handling, which adds an entirely new dimension of play to the game if you really think about it.

FIFA 14 - PS4 Preview

In any case, FIFA 14 seems to be about defending more than anything else.  Players driven by A.I. are much more active and unpredictable, but not in any sort of chaotic way.  Instead, you’ll notice that defenders might tend to watch or study your actions more carefully, meaning that they’re playing smarter, not necessarily harder, if that makes any sense.  This addition makes the game quite a bit more enjoyable as you will experience more diversity of gameplay and less repetition, which is always welcome (not just in sports games).

FIFA fans will definitely want to pick this one up.  FIFA 14 is set for a multi-platform release this September on Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PSP, Vita, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360, and of course, the Xbox One.

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