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The new DriveClub for Playstation 4 was announced by Sony in February, 2013, it signaled a new era in racing games. The core of the DriveClub premise is that this is no ordinary racing game, but one that is built around the intricacies of social gaming.

With the arrival of the E3 event, a playable version became available for an hands-on approach that was tailor-made for the new DriveClub system. The emergence of the E3 event has made DriveClub details more clear and now we get a better look at what makes this game click.

Although the full preview of the DriveClub system is not fully available, enough has been seen to make observations at what this game promises to be and the features that have already been included. With the release date set for November, just in time for Christmas, Evolution Studios is no doubt finalizing the project and adding more bells and whistles to what seems to be a great driving game with interesting features.

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Compared to the soon to be released Gran Turismo 6, the overall look of the DriveClub system is certainly impressive and the core of the game is different in nature than its competitors. Although Gran Turismo 6 is likely to be somewhat more impressive in terms of graphics, it should be fairly noted that Evolution Studios is still working up the final model, so comments about the look of the game will have to be spoken in that context.

The racing aspect of the DriveClub game, at least what was featured to the public, carries with it all the expectations that a typical racing game has, but the real meat lies in the social context in which this game was created. In essence, the full breadth of the game is best experienced by a group of people working and interacting together.

The driving aspect is naturally a solo experience, even though eight of the machines are linked together. There are challenges built into the racing track which includes average speed tests, drifting zone and the like. All of these features are found in other games as well, but the overall goal is to be the best against those who compete against you. Here is where the social aspect comes into play.

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One interesting addition is when the next-generation Playstation Eve is attached to the game system, a picture of the player’s face is plastered on the back of their vehicles. This means that when you are racing against your friends, even in ghost mode, you can see exactly where all of your competition is and what they are doing.

From what we’ve seen so far, DriveClub appears to be more similar to the famed “Ridge Racer” than the Forza or GT, at least in terms of racing. It still took some time and effort to get use to the racing aspects of the game, the conditions of the track and adding in the different social elements that help make DriveClub quite distinctive from the competition. There is little doubt that this game will certainly be one to look forward to in November, 2013 when it is released.

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