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Gamers who enjoy first-person shooters have come to expect a new Call of Duty title per year (at the very least).  In short, the CoD franchise has become something of a mainstay among console gamers and is among the most often visited multiplayer destinations for those seeking a little deathmatch action as well.  In the early days of the series, the overall aim of the games was to place players in the shoes of soldiers fighting historic battles.  Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released however; things have taken a turn toward decidedly non WW2 settings.  We’ve seen the multiplayer element eclipse the popularity of the story segments in many ways, and of course there’s the amazingly addictive “Zombies” mode which everyone seems to really enjoy.


The next installment in the CoD series, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is seeking to push the envelope even further, as they say.  In fact, new player controls are being added which allow for enhanced navigation.  For example, you’ll be able to lean around corners, run and slide into cover, as well as other moves.  Just to demonstrate how ready Activision and Infinity Ward (also Treyarch and Square Enix for the Wii version) are for radical change, they’re including a special map for some preorders.  It’s called “free fall” and will take place inside a crumbling skyscraper.  As time passes the buildings various floors will begin to collapse, this will alter the map in real-time and add another layer of complexity and fun to multiplayer matches.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

The story is somewhat depressing, perhaps especially for US gamers, as it deals directly with a fictitious fall of America and the ensuing fallout.  Taking place 10 years after the US has relinquished its title as a superpower and everything has pretty much fallen into a state of decay or chaos, special units of soldiers called “ghosts” are banding together to take on an emerging threat.4318Call_of_Duty_Ghosts_Free_Fall_Descent_Overhead

However, what makes “Cod: Ghosts” such an interesting departure is the fact that it will feature character customization, interactive environments, as well as what will feel like an entirely new game engine (the old game engine with major upgrades).  In short, “Ghosts” is going to take full advantage of the next generation of consoles’ ability to deliver amazing visuals while at the same time pushing the boundaries of their winning formula.  As expected, the multiplayer and its various modes will likely steal the show once more, pushing dedicated FPS addicts to spend hours upon hours uncovering its secrets and upgrading their characters.

Look for Call of Duty: Ghosts to hit store shelves in November of this year (2013).

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