Does PlayStation Have the Best Exclusives?

As befits one of the longest-lasting and most successful gaming brands in the world, Playstation has provided us with many amazing IPs over the years. From Horizon Zero Dawn to Ratchet and Clank and Spiderman, the exclusive titles that the company has released have covered pretty much every conceivable genre of game.

There is no sign of that ending any time soon either, with Playstation looking comfortably placed to keep delivering must-play exclusive titles. The company has competed well against everything from RPGs to first-person shooters and casino companies offering a variety of exciting poker gaming tournaments.

The question of whether the games available only to Playstation gamers are the finest of all is another one altogether though. It is what we will be looking to answer in this article.

The Top Playstation Exclusive Titles

These are the best games that have been created solely for the Sony Playstation.

The Last of Us

The stature of this 2013 game that was provided exclusively for the PS3 and PS4 can scarcely be questioned. The developers behind it are Naughty Dog, a company that had already made a real splash with the Uncharted franchise.

The Last of Us arrived at a point when the glow of initial success was starting to wear off a bit though, with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception meeting a more mixed reception than the first two installments.

That made the ecstatic critical and customer response to The Last of Us all the more welcome for the developer. This action adventure game involves smuggler Joel attempting to get a teenager named Ellie safely across a US that has been devastated by apocalypse, while mutant cannibals and evil humans try to kill them.

It was praised for everything from the graphics to the music and sound effects and storyline. It is now widely regarded as an era-defining game.


This is another title available only to gamers using the PS4 console that knocked it out of the park. An arcade-style side-scrolling shooter game it came out in 2013 and immediately grabbed the attention of Playstation loyalists.

The plot is pretty simple stuff, with players having to save trapped people and kill enemies within a strange cylindrical world. It is the kind of game that is all about raw excitement though and it delivers that in spades.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This was the first brand new gaming IP launched by Guerilla Games after a decade of producing installments of its Killzone franchise. What took people by surprise was how different it was from that, being an open-world adventure game with third-person play mode and plot featuring robotic dinosaurs.

If anyone worried that the company would be out of its element, such fears were quickly allayed though. Horizon Zero Dawn, in which a hunter called Aloy tries to find out more about her past while doing battle with those dinosaurs, won accolades for bringing fresh ideas to the overworked post-apocalypse theme.

It also has superb graphics and helped keep Playstation ahead of the opposition.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Superhero games are nothing new in 2022, but the open-world adventure of the Spiderman game from Insomniac did offer something different. Launched exclusively for PS4 and PS5 in 2018, the main narrative has Spiderman trying to save New York from a killer virus that Mister Negative plans to release.

So far, so standard – but it was the ability to explore the city as Spiderman climbs and swings from building to building in an open-world format that really made this a special PlayStation release. The hero can dive from massive heights to battle criminals; all captured in state-of-the art graphics.

God of War

Another 2018 game exclusive to console gamers with the PS4, this game has been described as a masterwork by more than one writer. It was created by Santa Monica Studio and the plot is derived from Norse mythology.

Set in the ancient Scandinavia of Midgard, it has two main characters – former god Kratos and Altreus, his son. They must fight Norse gods and monsters to complete a quest to scatter the ashes of Kratos’ wife at the very top of the nine realms.

God of War earned critical plaudits for just about everything, from the depth of characterization to the visuals, art design, narrative and the realization of its world.  The many battles using the Leviathan Axe are genuinely exciting but are balanced out by more contemplative moments, for a satisfying overall experience.

Does it Have the Finest Exclusives?

Having listed all of these great titles that only Playstation gamers can enjoy, we must conclude that Playstation is ahead of Xbox when it comes to exclusive IPs. One big reason for that is the decision of Sony to focus entirely on its gaming console, whereas Microsoft is split between trying to service both Xbox users and PC gamers.

That makes life harder for developers when producing games for the Xbox. They are forced to try to make sure that games will run equally well on two very different gaming platforms.

In turn, this has had the effect of making the top studios a lot keener to build exclusive relationships with Sony and the Playstation console.

Playstation definitely has the best exclusive game IPs and that will likely stay the case for some time yet.

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