With Marvel’s Avengers Finally Here – Have Superheroes Been Represented Well Enough on PS4?

Avengers fans were made to wait an incredibly long time for the new Marvel’s Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. A teaser trailer was released way back in 2017, and the release date of the superhero epic was pushed back multiple times. It was finally released in September 2020, and the general consensus is that it is good but not mind-blowing. With this likely to be the last superhero game for the PlayStation 4, it begs the question as to whether these comic book characters have been represented well enough on the console.

It’s time to assemble.

Watch the CG Spot now. Live your Super Hero dreams in Marvel’s Avengers on September 4.

Superheroes Are Ubiquitous Throughout The Gaming Industry

Superheroes have always been a go-to theme for developers, as the notoriety of the characters can be a massive draw for attracting players. Superhero games, therefore, rely on the player’s existing knowledge of the protagonists which they have gained from reading comics and watching films. This makes the game creators’ jobs easier, as they have a pre-existing framework to work with. For this reason, the superhero genre is ubiquitous throughout the whole of the gaming industry.

In the online casino industry, superheroes are virtually everywhere. It began with themed slots such as The Dark Knight, but the crime fighters have now broken into other subgenres at online casinos including roulette. Indeed, among the online roulette games at William Hill, players can find a Superman-themed offering. This will likely lead to other games of a similar ilk.

On mobile, there are a vast number of superhero games to choose from as well. These include options like Batman: The Telltale Series, DC: Unchained, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Marvel Heroes 2016. The instant recognisability of the characters is a great way to draw players to the games.

PS4 Arguably Has Quality

It could be argued that superheroes are more commonly found at online casinos and on mobile than they are on the PS4, but it could also be said that console games generally take more time and resources to develop. For example, some of the best superhero games ever made have been released on the latest version of the Sony console.

For example, Spider-Man PS4 is considered by many publications to be the best superhero game ever made. It has been described as the definitive web-slinger game, and playing it feels like being part of an extended film. Another exceptional superhero title for the PS4 was Batman: Arkham Knight, which was a highly satisfying conclusion to an incredible series of games. The gritty adventure from Rocksteady Studios really made players feel like they were the Caped Crusader, and appeased fans by including nearly all the best-loved villains from Gotham City.

Looking back over the life of the PS4, some of the best-known superheroes ever created have been represented well on the machine. If one were to be nit-picky there is, perhaps, a lack of X-Men titles on the console. This may be something for developers to consider on the PS5.

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