Monsters In Video Gaming: Best Monsters On PS4

Monsters grab all the attention in PS4 horror video games, and the more obnoxious and terrifying they are, the more desperate everyone is to meet them. Some of the scariest monsters have haunted many a sleepless nightmare while definitely marching onwards to become legendary figures in online gaming.

Until Dawn – Wendigos

Part of the human psyche has always loved being scared to death by horror tales. Extreme suspense and acute danger played out amongst the eeriest settings produce a massive kick of adrenaline that’s hard to resist. Interactive video games always have the edge over horror films. They draw players in, subjecting them to a fascinating fantasy world of terror. It’s tinged with a realism that lets them experience the shock of confronting the scariest monsters ever created. Even other genres of games like online slots from offer scary monster themed titles or games featuring spooky monsters that players don’t want to miss out on. Here are just a few of the scariest monsters found from the most popular PS4 titles…

  • Until Dawn – Wendigos

Survival is a compelling horror game genre. As the minutes tick away, characters hope to survive the terrors of video games such as Until Dawn that’s infested with Wendigos. These monstrous creatures residing in Blackwood Mountain are inspired by Native American folklore. Former humans, the Wendigos have mysteriously transformed into cannibalistic, undead monsters who can’t wait to sink their sharp teeth into hapless video game players. It’s a tense, uphill struggle trying to avoid them while searching for missing friends who have been bitten and threaten to become additional Wendigos.

  • Resident Evil – Cerberus zombie dogs

Players who like being the underdog while battling through overwhelming odds love the variety of monsters in Resident Evil. The Zombie Dogs are based on Cerberus, the fierce, multi-headed hound who guarded the entrance to Hades, the Underworld of Ancient Greece. They have evolved over the game franchise into powerful, unstoppable beasts. Players often hear their eerie howls in the distance before being shocked by the dogs suddenly crashing into view. You have just a few seconds to stop them overwhelming your character with their vicious strength!

  • Resident Evil – Mr X

Resident Evil, being one of the best PS4 games, is famous for its gloomy, spine-chilling atmosphere that’s riddled with suspense. Mr X has undoubtedly contributed to the game’s success. Big, ugly and horrendously threatening, evil Mr X lurks in the darkest shadows and corners of the game. Scariest of all, he always seems to anticipate a player’s movements. His uncanny perception enables him to easily outwit players. Mr X often appears ahead of players just as they mistakenly believe they have safely left him behind them.

  • The Last of Us – David

Released in 2013, The Last of Us is hailed as one of the most successful video games ever. The cast of increasingly hideous monsters has been terrifying the boldest players who have dared to traverse the post-apocalyptic landscape. One of the biggest tests a player faces is meeting David. He doesn’t look like a monster, but he is creepy, unprincipled and a serious threat to the player’s mission of escorting Ellie to safety. Only Ellie herself can defeat him by stabbing him three times, but it’s not an easy task to sneak up unseen on such a perceptive character…

  • The Last of Us- Rat King

The ultimate monster in The Last of Us is the Rat King. He has been completely overpowered by the infectious, malignant fungus that permeates the land which gives him supernatural strength through merging him with additional infected monsters. Players find battling him the toughest of the game’s challenges. It’s not easy keeping the Rat King at arms’ length as you never know when or where he’ll suddenly spring from. And once he makes the slightest contact, the player is instantly eliminated from the game!

  • Outlast – Walrider

Outlast has all the mystery of a terrifying, but grim whodunnit as Miles Upshur attempts to discover the secrets of a desolate, mountain asylum. Apart from murderous inmates, his stealthy enemy is the Walrider, a malevolent being composed of a swarm of nanorobots. It’s loosely based on the legendary Germanic Walrider who tormented those who were asleep. In Outlast, the Walrider is a cunning shapeshifter who has the ability to infiltrate and possess other characters, making it harder to find and eliminate him.

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