5 Ways How You Can Improve Your Experience From CS:GO (PC) quickly

CS:GO appears to be a fun game, but will you believe it if we say you can get even more joy out of it? Today we want to uncover a couple of secret tips which will improve your playing experience without taking much of your effort.

Get Some Skins

CS:GO skins have become an important part of the community. Nowadays, almost every player you see in matchmaking has some of them. And if you think that it is a waste of money, you are wrong, as the skins can make a game much more appealing. It is always more satisfying to kill opponents with a beautiful AK-47 Red Line or a unique funky knife. Additionally, it helps you feel more like you are part of the game’s community cause when everybody has a skin and you are not, it sucks.

The most casual way of obtaining skins is by purchasing them on the trade market. You can also open the CS:GO cases or trade with other players. But we know a few more tricky ways to get new skins. Particularly, CS:GO upgrade is a unique tool that allows you to take some of your low-tier skins and turn them into a single valuable item.

If you want to go even further and make those skins as unique as possible, apply stickers to them. Luckily, CS:GO has a ton of different ones with completely unique designs. But if you are interested in using the best ones, check out the rarest ones.

Set a Better Config

The first thing that influences your perception of CS:GO is the configuration. With its help, you can fix many troubles occurring while you play matches:

  • Lowering graphics can help you get higher FPS;
  • Make game sound effects louder if you struggle to hear opponents;
  • Change your crosshair if you find yours inappropriate (you can use the crosshair config of your favorite players, as they can often be found with Google research);
  • Decrease your screen resolution if you struggle to move your crosshair precisely on the enemies (this makes all game textures look bigger).

And that is just a smaller part of what you can do. Take some time to figure out config settings, and you will adapt CS:GO to your personal preferences.

Train Your Aiming

Satisfaction from CS:GO is directly dependent on our in-game performance. And the best way to improve that performance is by getting better at aiming. This can be achieved in many ways:

  • Just play the game more, and your aiming will naturally get better over time;
  • Find community maps for aiming for improvement in the workshop;
  • Take advantage of specific games like aim lab, where you will be given tasks to improve your aiming reaction time, accuracy, etc.

Just remind yourself of a pleasant feeling when you place an AK-47 one tap, and the desire to train aim will pop.

Take a Rest

It may sound unclear when you first hear it, but the rest plays a huge role in getting a better experience from CS:GO. Still, you need to know when to take a rest. So if you have already played a couple of games and you got a winning streak, stopping here wouldn’t be right. On the other hand, if you are struggling to show a good performance and have a few losses in a row, resting is a fine choice.

But how do you rest? Well, there is a couple of options:

  • Open cases. Yes, opening cases is a great way to relieve the bad emotions you get after losses and failures. Just crack a couple of boxes until you get something you like, and you should be ready to play again;
  • Do whatever you enjoy besides playing CS:GO. So you can do anything, like watching your favorite show or YouTube channel;
  • Play alternative CS:GO modes. CS:GO has plenty of different game modes which are not as stressful as competitive play. For example, you can enjoy quick death matches or the battle-royale-like Danger Zone mode.

Most CS:GO players underestimate rest and play mindlessly, even in fatigue. Such an attitude can prevent you from growing and turn you off the game! Don’t be one of those guys; know how valuable the rest is.

Team Up with Friends

Humans are social creatures, and good company always helps us spend our time with more joy. So why don’t you apply this easy principle to your CS:GO playing? Just ask some of your friends who are also interested in playing to have a couple of games together. And don’t forget to use convenient communication services like Discord so developing strategies and cooperating plays will be easier.

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