LEC spring split 2023: Who are the favorites to win?

Gaming is now a diverse place and there are lots of ways to get involved with it. For example, video gaming is still massive all around the world and any PlayStation 4 fan knows what an awesome way this is to have fun in your free time. However, it is not just video gaming on Sony’s iconic machine that the modern player can enjoy.

eSports has helped gaming evolve

One illustration of how the sector has grown recently is eSports. This is basically professional gaming, where teams of players take each other on at exciting online and real-life events. eSports has picked up a huge following over recent years and this has seen many people tuning in online or heading to physical events in person.

In addition to this, many gamers will add more spice to eSports tournaments by betting on them. Many big-name sportsbooks now allow you to do this and it can be a way of getting even closer to the action. A good tip if you plan to do this is to sign up with a sports betting site that offers the best bonuses. Click here to get more information on the best promotions for eSports wagering.

One of the top events on the eSports calendar to bet on, or simply enjoy watching, is the LEC. The season is split into winter, spring, and summer sections and the spring series of games began on 11th March. But what else do you need to know about the LEC and who might eventually win the spring 2023 split?

What is LEC 2023 and how does it work?

Standing for the League of Legends EMEA Championship, LEC 2023 is a blue-riband event in eSports. It is run by Riot Games and sees ten professional eSports teams from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa battling it out. The action usually takes place at Riot Games studio in Germany and is streamed live on platforms such as Twitch.

As noted above, the LEC season is split into three distinct sections¾winter, spring, and summer. Each split consists of three weeks of play and involves each side playing every other team once. The best eight go to a double-elimination group stage and the top two sides from each group at this stage compete in a four-team playoff. Cash prizes are given out at each splits playoffs and there are also LEC championship points available, which become important at the end of the whole season.

The LEC season finals see the champions of each split competing¾plus other teams who are selected based on their points haul. The sides who finish in the top four of the LEC 2023 will then qualify for the iconic League of Legends World Championship later in the year. If you want a break from enjoying the top PS4 games, then this is a different sort of gaming event to revel in.

Who might win LEC spring 2023?

When it comes to which side could win the spring LEC split in 2023, the best place to start looking is the Stage 1 results. As the first series of games has now been played, it gives us a clear indication of which teams are looking strong.

Although they might not have been many people’s first choice before the action kicked off, SK Gaming have been on fire so far. This has seen them with a 3-0 record after Stage 1 and looking to be tough opponents moving ahead.

Team Vitality could also be in the frame. They are also a team full of top gaming talent and are also sitting on a 3-0 record after Stage 1. With no expectation to win the spring split ahead of G2, Vitality seem relaxed enough to be doing well. They have also, in the past, shown that they can beat top teams like G2, which bodes well for them as this split progresses.

G2 Esports can’t be written off

Although they might have come out of Stage 1 of the spring LEC split in 2023 with a 2-1 record, G2 Esports are also a team we must mention. They were impressive in the winter split and lifted the trophy after a 3-0 romp over the Mad Lions. This sees them not only full of confidence in the spring split but in decent form as well. Ably led by Dylan Falco and including top players, such as BrokenBlade, they are sure to pick up as we move into the later stages of this event.

LEC spring split 2023 who might win?

As the above shows, the ongoing LEC 2023 spring split is turning into a thrilling encounter. Although SK Gaming and Team Vitality have shown their strength in the first stage of games, G2 Esports have also carried on their form from the winter split. This means they can’t be written off yet!

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