7 Games Coming Next Year That You Should Be Excited About

Here’s a detailed list of some of the games coming next year (early 2015) that you should definitely be excited about.  There’s basically a bit of something for everyone featured here.  Enjoy.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat Out of Hell

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell
Ok, yeah…this is basically a new and improved version of Saints Row IV which is being imported onto the 8th generation consoles.  In order to further sweeten the deal, the devs have added a slick new expansion, “Gat out of hell”, which sees regularly recurring character Johnny Gat facing off against none other than Beelzebub himself (and you actually get to play as Gat for a change too).   Yes, before you even go there – this will be an updated version of the game, including improvements on the graphical front as well as several other nifty additions which greatly enhance gameplay.    Moreover, the previously released DLC content is also going to be included as well, which means hours upon hours of crazy missions and encounters.  It’s also been stated that a number of alterations allowing players to do things like craft customized weapons is also on the table, meaning that this will be the definitive Saint’s Row game, bar none.  There are a number of different package / pricing options set to drop so choose the content that’s right for your purposes and get to sandboxing.

Dying Light

Dying Light
The open world zombie game has become something of a recurring meme within the video game world, so much so that many people are apt to nearly turn away from it.  Don’t let that get in the way of Techland’s “Dying Light” however, because it promises to be one of the most compelling entries the genre has seen to date.  Before we go any further, yes, this is being developed by the same people behind the Dead Island franchise, so there’s definitely a certain feel inherent in the game, but rest assured, it has its own flavor, if you will.  The crux of the title sees you navigating a vast open world that’s infested with the undead, survival being the obvious purpose here.  What makes things more interesting of course, aside from the obligatory crafting and scavenging, is the fact that things really get crazy at night – the zombies turn into aggressive killing machines that relentlessly pursue you.


Evolve PS4
“Evolve” has been making big headlines ever since its well-timed reception at various conventions and so forth.  In fact, many feel that this is indeed the “next big multiplayer franchise” and poised to be a big win for new consoles.  Rather than being stuck in either third or first person view, both are listed as options, which will undoubtedly make quite a few gamers extremely happy.  The basic premise is that of an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, i.e. – 5 human players, 4 human characters railing against an alien monster, which the 5th player controls.  There are so many interesting facets to this game, like the level design, power ups, objectives and of course, the way the monster is able to “evolve” by killing other creatures.  The story?  It’s basically the same space marines find hostile alien life while colonizing a planet plot that we’re all familiar with, but we’re willing to look past all that because the graphics, gameplay and concept look incredibly awesome.  Even still, you don’t always assume the role of a “hero”, but choose among those seen as largely expendable, psychopathic and of course, pros hired to do the job.

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886
Pretty much a steampunk wet dream, The Order: 1886 places gamers in an alternate timeline where Victorian-era aesthetics have merged with a higher level of technology and weaponry.  Of course, that’s not the end of the story; there are also monsters, werewolves, in fact.  If that doesn’t get your blood pumping then consider that the game itself looks fantastic and features a very distinctive and polished style of gamplay and storytelling.  For all intents and purposes, The Order: 1886 seems poised to become yet another fascinating franchise capable of producing plenty of additional sequels.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
When most people reference The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the net these days it’s usually to point out that it’s going to feature awesome fantasy-themed graphics and a very large world that’s rife for exploration.  While these are certainly admirable traits (beyond that, actually) the game also includes a very compelling story as well as plenty of monsters (small and very large) to do battle with.  Add to that, all the RPG trimmings, conversing, crafting, spell-slinging, etc. that you can imagine and you have a game that will undoubtedly rate very high once released.  Furthermore, it actually looks fantastic too, graphically speaking, with a high level of detail and great environmental / character design.  If you’re after non-linear gameplay, this is the title for you.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 6
Next up we have something of a departure, Resident Evil Revelations 2, which is to be released via “episodic” means.  In other words, you’ll be able to purchase and download segments on a month to month basis, playing them as they arrive.  Likewise, when the whole story is complete it’s going to be compiled onto a single disc.  What makes this title interesting is that it purports to be something of a return to its survival horror roots for the RE series.  Whether or not Capcom actually follows through on this is of course, purely speculative but it is indeed very intriguing.

Resident Evil (PS4 remake / remaster)

Resident Evil (PS4 remake remaster)
Last, but certainly not least, we have yet another RE offering, this time a complete remake / remaster of the original game (aka Resident Evil 1).  You’ve probably experienced this already on Nintendo’s Gamecube (where the core of the port was previously released already).  While no particularly new and exciting additions are currently in the works for this release, the prospect of being able to tackle some classic survival horror is reason enough for fans to celebrate.

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