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Boiling down a game like Destiny to a simple review is not an easy affair.  Sure, you can point out the various aspects from graphics to gameplay and on to its multiplayer features, but that still doesn’t really capture the essence of what it has to offer.  No, in order to really get what Destiny is all about you have to spend hours exploring its worlds.  This is the type of game that rewards those with a love of exploration; even better, it manages to do what virtually no other MMO has been able to do well up to this point – integrate fast-paced first-person combat.  At this point you might be eagerly jumping up and down screaming “but, but…such and such game sorta did that before Destiny, dontcha know?!”  Well, maybe a bit, but the polish, support, story, mechanics, level design and gameplay found here (not to mention the size of the game itself) really causes it to stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


Even though Destiny is clearly one of those AAA titles that a majority of gamers are apt to go bananas over, there are contingent groups who are currently posting their frustrations and disapproval all over the net, even as we speak.  Why am I relaying this info right now instead of telling you about the game’s specifics, you might be wondering?  If you are on the fence regarding whether or not you should pick this up it bears repeating that THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME.  Whatever you do don’t listen to the trolls who insist that this somehow “isn’t as good as Halo”, they clearly missed the entire point here.

It includes very satisfying FPS elements along with great action and all the RPG fixtures you could possibly want along with an emphasis on exploration.  In fact, one might even be prompted to say that it is exactly the open world(s) Halo-esque game that fans have been diligently pleading for, and now it’s finally here.  Destiny seeks to elegantly mash together various genres and elements which aren’t typically found together (until now).

Destiny  4
First off, let’s get the standard stuff out of the way…  It’s set 700 years into the future in a world that could be summed up as being rather “post-apocalyptic”.  However, rather than a series of burned out craters you will explore a series of vibrant worlds teeming with various kinds of life including monsters and loot (everyone’s favorite).  While the idea of this adventuring is nothing particularly new, the fact that it occurs in space is certainly fresh.  Sure, we had the Mass Effect trilogy before, but it definitely leaned more toward RPG territory and didn’t open up nearly enough to allow for the sort of exploration you’ll find here.

Anyway, back to the plot…  So this era you find yourself in directly follows a period called the “golden age”, where everything was really awesome and technological advancement abounded.  A gigantic planetoid also arrived, which allowed humanity to further colonize space.  Dubbed “The Traveler’, it now hangs over Earth.  Hostile alien species emerged at some point, threatening to completely destabilize human civilization – that’s where you come in.  As a guardian it’s your job to protect humanity and revive the Traveler.

Destiny  2
After creating your own character you are thrust into the world of Destiny to make a name for yourself.  What makes this whole affair so rewarding of course is the gameplay and environments themselves, which feel very much “alive”.  In fact, the developers went to great lengths pre-release discussing how the world would be much more dynamic than what people might be used to, promising an extreme amount of variation with regards to how things unfold.  In this sense they really nailed it because Destiny certainly likes to throw curveballs at you, which in turn makes the general gameplay much more rewarding.

Now, let’s discuss the game’s graphics…  Quite simply, this title is pure eye candy, especially if you’re playing on the PlayStation 4.  There’s nothing you can point a finger at here and say “that looks a bit shabby”, seriously it really does shine.  From the various decrepit environments and lighting effects to the character design and frame rate – there’s nothing to complain about here.  If it weren’t for the fact that you never know when you’re about to be assaulted by a pack of enemies it would be rather easy to get lost wandering around in a daydream-like fashion.  The point is, this is a DAMN FINE LOOKING title that deserves every bit of acclaim it receives with regards to its visuals.

Destiny 3
…The verdict?  Destiny is exactly the sort of FPS – MMO mashup that we’ve been waiting for, definitely a must-buy for all PS4 owners.  Sure, there will always be some minor complaints here and there, especially if you’re one of those gamers that are notoriously difficult to please, but the truth is that you won’t find any “faults” in destiny unless you’re actively looking for them.  It is incredibly easy to be lulled into a state of ecstasy, especially if you love open world exploration and first-person shooter action.

Rating – 9.4

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7 years ago

“…but the truth is that you won’t find any “faults” in destiny unless you’re actively looking for them.”

Bull shit!

7 years ago

this review cant be real…

7 years ago

LMAO. This review is a joke.

7 years ago

Destiny is a great game and a 9/10 for me anyone who thinks is a bad game is an idiot

7 years ago

I have a few major issues with this game. Mostly over the horrific, inexcusably lazy boss battles. They alone make Strikes so unappealing. You’ll enjoy the fights all the way up to the end… and then it’s just you and two other people trying not to get one-shot by splash damage for 20 minutes… while poking your rifle around a corner and popping off a few rounds before dashing and hiding… over and over and over again… hundreds of times. It’s both boring and exhausting.

And then hoping the cheap spawns don’t surround you out of nowhere and force you to start over. It’s just terrible, uninspired design that we as an industry surpassed in the mid-90s. Goldeneye 007 for the N64 has more fun boss fights than this. And were more rewarding.

The lack of a story is disappointing, what with so much material to choose pull from. It should have been a “Mass Effect + Halo + Borderlands” game, but it ended up being none of those. The most telling proof that the story was an afterthought are the Grimoire Cards. They’re in the game – and they give you some backstory and plot – but you can only read them online. Which means they didn’t even have the time (or desire) to put the story in the game itself. So the patch that pothole up, they typed it up in text, and then made it only accessible online. It’s painfully obvious. No real story (there are, what, three vague cutscenes?), no sense of urgency (faceless heroes, minimal NPC interaction, and we seem to be jumping from planet to planet killing things, so it doesn’t feel like we’re “defending” ourselves), and almost no humor (although that “little light” moment made me smile).

Also, the lack of player-to-player interaction is absolutely the biggest fault of the game. For something that’s so heavily predicated on organizing groups with such a narrow level of gear quality, skill level and time available, it’s shocking to see virtually nothing in the game does that. We as players needed to create a third-party website to help coordinate our playtime. The fact that the website exists at all is proof that this game wasn’t quite ready to be released.

I would give it a 7.0/7.5 with the extra points coming from ambition alone.

7 years ago

April Fools was five months ago, guys.

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