7 Things that will be different in the next-Gen. version of FIFA 14

While we know that the impact engine version of FIFA 14 is certainly fine (perhaps great even), the forthcoming PS4 / Xbox ONE adaptation will feature the all-new ignite engine, which is said to be a big improvement in more ways than one.    The point is, the updated version of this ultra-popular soccer/football simulator franchise is perfectly poised to be the big breakthrough that EA has been pushing for.  Here are 10 specific aspects of the next-generation version of FIFA 14 that will be changing…

10. The Engine itself…

As previously indicated, the ignite engine will be revolutionizing the game from the inside out via its unique architecture.  You see, it’s not just your standard run-of-the-mill engine; it’s a collection of new technologies which improves nearly every aspect of current gameplay concepts.  The end result is a game that simply feels livelier than ever before.

7.  Better graphics

Perhaps the most obvious fringe benefit of adding this new and improved engine to the mix is the enhanced visuals.  Don’t expect to be completely dumbfounded by how much more amazing the PS4 version will look over that of the PS3’s, but the increase in detail is still fairly substantial.

6.  More human-like A.I.

Arguably, the improvements that have been made with regards to the way computer-controlled players and opponents react is the most important thing that’s been added with the new FIFA 14.  Now, this framework which EA has built to simulate human intelligence allows the A.I. players to essentially “think like real athletes”, making the game quite a bit more interesting to say the least.  In fact, it’s been said that the new next-gen platform allows for up to 4 times more calculations per second than previous engine versions; meaning, you can expect a much more balanced and dynamic gameplay experience.

5.  True player motion

Not only do the players on-screen look better and even (dare we say), behave in a more fitting manner, but they will also look more natural on the new engine as well.  Now, each aspect of a character’s body will be affected by physics, making for much more realistic-looking animations.  Heck, even the player’s clothing will fall under the same set of rules rather than being a simple, static object.

4.  Add legendary or classic players to your team

In the FIFA Ultimate team mode a new “Legends” feature is also being added which allows you to add players from the past to your team.  While it’s unclear (and highly doubtful) that you’ll be able to bring these players into competitive multiplayer-based tournaments or seasons, it’s still awfully cool to be able to use some of the game’s classic icons on the field.  However, they are bringing back the single game mode for match play, which doesn’t pertain at all to seasonal play / campaigns.

3.  New stadiums

Yes, they’re adding some new stadiums as well, including: La Bombonera, Goodison Park, Donbass Arena (in the Ukraine), and Camp Nou.

2.  The A.I. will push harder toward the ends of matches

As previously indicated, the A.I. is going to respond in a more organic fashion via the Ignite engine, this basically means that you’ll notice your opponents will seem to “push harder” as the game draws to a close, as if from a sense of stress or urgency.  Just imagine how epic some conclusions are likely to be – with competitors just hammering away at you trying desperately to tie up the score or sink a quick goal to take the lead in a pinch.

1.  Audience expectations

Lastly, the audience is actually going to be responsive, even demonstrating their feelings about certain events, goals, calls or plays.  Furthermore, expect their attitudes to change as the match progresses, maybe they’ll even turn against you if your team adopts slightly nefarious tactics?

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