The Golf Club Preview

This spring (2014), HB Studios is bringing a truly next-gen golfing game to the PS4 and Xbox One.  Dubbed “The Golf Club”, this rather fully-featured golf simulator seeks to bring a whole new level of realism to the forefront with stunning visuals and very accurate physics.  According to the game’s producer, Anthony Kyne, it’s also going to be running in 1080p at a steady 60 frames per second, once everything is said and done, of course.  Currently they’re working on boosting the smoothness of the title, having already achieved a suitable level of HD detail.


But the real question is how does it play, right?  Graphics and features are certainly important, but when it comes to sports titles, the most enduring facet should always be the core gameplay.   Needless to say, everything looks immaculate.  They’ve apparently taken the time to consider everything here – from the way your character moves and swings to the actual physics and overall atmosphere, this is a golf game for devoted fanatics.  Assuming that they actually take advantage of the PS4’s next-generation control capabilities (like the touch features of the DualShock 4 or the move wand / PS4 camera motion control), we could be looking at one of the most wholly satisfying golf games ever created for any video game console.  According to its developers, “The Golf Club” will utilize a very intuitive control system which relies less on measured bars and timing and more on “feel”.  Sounds awesome, eh?

Of course the fun doesn’t end there; “The Golf Club” is so loaded down with additional features that it’s hard to believe.  For starters, the courses themselves are amazing, intricately detailed and full of wildlife.  At times you’d swear that you can actually feel the wind whipping across your face as you gaze around at the tall trees and resplendent greenery.  To simply say that this title will satisfy your need for sporting realism is an incredible understatement.


However, the fun doesn’t end there; this game will also feature a fully customizable course creator system which allows you to literally create your own personal golfing paradise.  Likewise, since the goal is to also take advantage of the PS4’s propensity toward social interaction, you can share your creations with the world while also forming your own tournaments and more.  Simply put, this is the golf game that true devotes have been waiting for.

Along wit course creation, you’ll also be able to fully edit existing courses and more.  What makes this title so amazing though, is the fact that you will be able to generate fully realized courses in mere seconds, thereby increasing the “challenge factor” as well as providing much-needed diversity and affording it unparalleled replay value.  The mere thought of being able to load up 18 holes which no one has actually seen or played on before is almost too good to be true.


Look for “The Golf Club” to drop sometime this spring.  Looking at the current build, it’s shaping up to look like one of the greatest golf titles to come along in quite some time.  Click here to visit the developer’s home page for “The Golf Club”.

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